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Sparkling Simplicity: The Rise of Minimalist Permanent Jewelry for Summer

Many people get fine jewelry as an accessory that will last a long time — if not a lifetime. 

The recent and popular trend of permanent jewelry is giving people jewelry that not only lasts a lifetime, but unique and beloved pieces that they can wear for a lifetime. Sarah Otto, the founder of permanent jewelry online training program LINKED, believes the permanent jewelry movement is one of the most exciting new trends in fashion.

Why permanent jewelry is the hot new thing

Permanent jewelry is a type of jewelry made without clasps or hooks. Instead, it is welded together around a part of the wearer’s body by specialized equipment. 

Currently, permanent jewelry is available in the form of bracelets, anklets, necklaces, as well as jewelry for the fingers or toes. “Although the idea of permanent jewelry might seem intimidating, there is absolutely no risk to the wearer or the welder if the proper procedures and precautions are followed,” Otto asserts.

Recent years have seen a significant reduction in widespread interest in fast fashion accessories — particularly when it comes to jewelry. “People want jewelry that better represents their personality, and what better statement is there to make than to have a beautiful piece of jewelry affixed to your body permanently?” Otto asks. 

Thin, dainty, and delicate jewelry is becoming a popular trend in the jewelry industry, which is a huge reason why permanent jewelry has rapidly become a worldwide phenomenon. Permanent jewelry is created to look delicate and elegant, making it a great fit for working professionals. The jewelry comes in various looks and can be customized to the look of the customer with additions such as charms.

The advantages of permanent jewelry

Permanent jewelry is a great option for those who wear the same pieces of jewelry every day. “If you’re the type of person with a favorite bracelet because it perfectly accentuates your personality and goes with every outfit you own, permanent jewelry is perfect for you,” says Otto. “And as an added bonus, you never have to worry about losing your favorite piece of jewelry because it never leaves your body.”

Many fans of permanent jewelry have turned to the style because of its convenience. Since wearers don’t take the jewelry off after each day, they don’t have to worry about deciding which pieces of jewelry to wear. Instead, all one has to do is some standard cleaning, giving the piece an occasional, gentle wash with soapy water, followed by thorough drying, depending on the individual’s unique lifestyle.

Although some are understandably concerned about the idea of having a piece of metal welded around their body, the process is entirely safe, painless, quick, and reversible. Permanent jewelry uses a welding machine that only creates a quick, low-temperature spark, meaning wearers won’t even feel it being applied. And if the jewelry needs to be removed for any reason, the weld can be easily broken with a pair of scissors or nail clippers and reconnected at a later date.

Finally, because the jewelry used in sustainable jewelry is designed to be permanent, wearers can rest assured that they aren’t buying cheaply plated items that easily tarnish and need to be discarded. Instead, permanent jewelry pieces are made using fine metals such as 14K solid gold, gold-filled, sterling silver, or vermeil. 

In addition to allowing these items to look better for longer, the use of these metals allows permanent jewelry to be more sustainable. Since wearers do not need to buy replacements for discarded jewelry, this contributes to lessened waste, as well as reduced dependence on unethical labor practices to mine additional metals.

People who love to wear the same minimalist pieces of jewelry every day will love permanent jewelry. Thanks to the simple, safe welding process, people can now wear their new favorite piece of jewelry every day, without having to worry about taking it on or off or having the clasp break due to repeated use. 

Although the permanent jewelry phenomenon is relatively new, thanks to the jewelry’s convenience and beauty, it seems like the trend — much like the jewelry itself — is here to stay.