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Some Brilliant Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Most of us love spending time in our bathrooms, whether it’s taking a long, hot shower or luxuriating in a bath, or just pampering and grooming ourselves in general. It follows, then, that your bathroom needs to be up to par with your expectations – be it in the furnishings you choose for it or the accessories that make it extra special. The good news is that if you want a bathroom that’s ultra-stylish and memorable, it’s easy to outfit it – a sleek medicine cabinet in one corner with matching shelves and a stylish freestanding bath or vanity unit will often do the trick. Along with this, accessories like the perfect lighting fixtures and even artwork (yes, in the bathroom) can do wonders for how you perceive the space. It’s all a matter of making the most of the area and introducing some unexpected elements. But what can you do for your bathroom space? Here are some brilliant ideas for your next bathroom renovation.

  • Say it with tiles. If you’ve always loved the appearance of bathroom tiles and would like to make a statement easily, say it with tiles. You can create a path leading up to your freestanding bath with a pretty pattern of mosaic tiles, for instance, and for a luxurious touch, continue it and have it go up the wall for a stunning backdrop to the bath.
  • If you can, give your bath an upgrade. If you’re tired of your old and dingy built-in bath, why not make it a freestanding bath instead? There are many stylish baths for your bathroom at places like Bathroom City, and you can take your pick from beautiful freestanding baths or functional yet appealing P-shaped baths (and everything in between). A new bath may be just what your bathroom needs – and you’ll appreciate spending time in the tub for a long, warm soak, too!
  • Do it with pebbles. If you’re tired of bathroom tiles and want to give your bathroom a whole new look, do it with pebbles. You may have seen it before in a trendy little boutique hotel or restaurant and admired its chic appeal. It’s not as difficult as you may think, and the natural stone is a beautiful complement to wood (a wooden vanity would look great with this). Pair it with natural plants, and you’ll have your own soothing space where you can be yourself. If you can’t place the bath on the pebbles, you can do it underneath a vanity – it instantly warms up the space.
  • Vanity units by or near a window. This is a new idea, but it works! After all, there’s no rule that says vanity units have to be placed on a wall. So you can set up your vanity unit by your window to wash your face or hands with a view. Here’s another idea – you can go all out with your mirrors and place them on the ceiling or a bar placed horizontally across the pane.
  • Don’t be limited by space. Here’s another ‘rule’ to break – who says you have to limit yourself to the usual layout, where everything is placed against the wall? You don’t have to follow this, and if you have created an internal wall (for a shower area, for example), you can place a bath against it and create a new zone for your bathroom in no time.