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Social Media Is Not Real Life: The Instagram Star Revealed the Sad Truth Behind the Perfect Photos

Essena O’Neill is a teenager from Australia that has more than 600.000 followers on Instagram and more than 200.000 followers on YouTube. The young Essena just a few days ago deleted thousands of pictures and instead, edited her posts to spread her message-“Social media is an illusion”.


The popular teenager spent years building her image on social media and even earned more than 2.000 dollars per post, endorsing different products. Essena deleted 2.000 photos from her Instagram and she left only 96 photos on her profile, but added her comments to describe how she really felt when the photo was being taken.


Just looking at Essena’s photos, it seemed that she’s living a life of dreams, but she confessed that she wasn’t happy at all and that she felt miserable and lonely.


“I had all the attention I had ever dreamed of and more. And… I had never been more miserable in my life. I was a living paradox of conditional self-love and constant self-hate… I liked myself based on how tight and toned my body was, how pretty my hair and makeup was, how hot the guy I was talking to was, how happy I looked at photos, how many people liked my photos… my whole idea of self-worth revolved around my appearance and my social media stats.” explains Essena.

In her redacted photos, Essena openly talks about her feelings and it’s telling the horrible truth behind each “perfect” post.