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Smart Replies to 7 Frequently Asked Questions by a Wife

Over the course of your lifetime, you will probably be asked a lot of inane questions. How you answer them just might alter the course of your future. The questions asked by your wife or girlfriend need to be answered quickly, sincerely and honestly without getting yourself into trouble. The answers that you give your friends will probably be quite different from those you give your spouse.

Below are a few of the questions that you will be asked and some answers to help ward off hurt feelings.


1. Do you like my new hair style, dress or makeup?

She just spent the morning on having her hair and makeup done by a mobile hair and makeup Brisbane-based stylist. She is looking for a compliment because it implies that you don’t compliment her enough. That is probably true. The best response is to say the cut really does compliment your face and the color brings out your eye color. The next time that you are going out, compliment her before she asks even if the outfit isn’t new. Couples who compliment each other often and for no reason avoids the awkward questions when the wife is fishing for a compliment.

2. Do you love me?

This question is one of reassuring her feelings that you are in the relationship for the long haul. It is her way of checking the security of your feelings: that you will be in the relationship for the good times and the bad. You could give her the standard answer of “of course, I do.” But that is not what she is looking for. She is hoping to hear the assets that make you love her; her wit, her laughter, any part of her that won’t change after the body begins to age.

3. Isn’t that the most beautiful ring?

To some women, gifts are a way that a man shows his love. If finances are tight, explain to her that while the ring is indeed beautiful and would look lovely on her, if and when you have the extra money, then you both can reconsider the idea. She is not questioning your ability to provide but your commitment to the idea that she is worth it.

4. Would you be mad if I went out with my friends?

It might be a threat as to a way to see if you are going to become unreasonable. Instead of simply agreeing with her, it might be worth a little spat to have her learn how to ask questions reasonably. If you don’t say anything now, it will give her permission to tell you things in this manner in the future.

5. Why haven’t you taken care of this yet?

This could mean anything to her from taking out the trash to getting the car fixed. Instead of arguing about the other things that you have done, offer her a 30 minute cooling off period while you distress about your day. If you just walk away, she will think that you don’t care.

6. Will you talk to the children about (fill in the blank)?

She sees it as you not noticing or caring. Parenting is a team sport so suggest that you sit down and discuss ways to fix the problems without making the other parent appear as a “bad parent.”

7. When are we going to have children?

Women want to settle down and commit earlier than men. So, telling her that you would like to have more alone time with just her is more enjoyable to hear than a flat out “NO.”

An honest discussion with your loved one does more to solidify your relationship than just agreeing. Men and women are wired differently. Women like to talk things out while men are made to flee or fight. Discussing your differences or the tones in your voice may help keep your relationship on the right path.