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From Sloppy to Flawless: 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Look

Do you feel that it’s high time to undergo a makeover? This doesn’t have to do anything with how the world perceives you. The true moment to change something about yourself is when you realize that you don’t like how you perceive yourself.

If your current look is not something that you feel is the real you, you hold the power to transform. This change may take a bit of effort, but once you get into the habit of taking care of yourself properly, even that amount of effort will become a pleasant experience.

1. Take care of your skin

The first thing you should tend to is your skin. If you neglect your skincare routine, your skin can dry out, leaving dry patches that are everything but presentable. On the other hand, lack of proper skincare can lead to clogged pores, breakouts and unflattering oily T-zone. Not only does the appearance of your skin affect your confidence, but your makeup won’t sit well on your face either.

What’s more, you should take care of your body as well. Establishing a proper skincare routine for your particular skin type will soon help you get the skin you always wanted. You don’t need more than 5 minutes in the morning and evening to tend to your skin properly. However, the results will be incredible.

2. Proper makeup application

There are many ways to do your makeup. Essentially, no one can tell you that one look is better than the other. If you like a natural look, go for it. If you like bright pops of color, you do you. However, it’s important that you know the right way to apply makeup. Smudging your foundation around won’t do you any good. You should always use a damp sponge or a brush to buff the product into your skin for a flawless finish. Of course, choose base products that match your skin type.

Most importantly, be very careful with choosing your right shade. Foundations that are too dark or light for your natural skin tone can create an awkward and sloppy look. Moreover, always go for quality when makeup is concerned. Renowned makeup brands such as Gorgeous cosmetics will always be worth the investment. One extra tip to make your look flawless and well put together is to groom and fill out your brows properly.

3. The way you dress

It’s very important to have your own personal fashion style. Therefore, there’s no rule that can tell you what type of clothes and outfit combinations is right. However, a sloppy outfit look is not related to what your style is. In order to avoid looking sloppy, it’s important that you mix and match your garments properly so that they complement each other nicely in order to create a unique outfit. Moreover, wearing stained or wrinkled clothes is a clear sign that you don’t care about yourself.

Regardless of your personal style, if you know how to pair the garments and make sure that these are clean and wrinkle-free, you’ll look better and more confident instantly. Also, don’t force yourself to wear clothes that you don’t feel comfortable in. The discomfort you feel can clearly show on your face and posture, thus making you appear sloppy instead of elegant or girly.

4. Be kind to yourself

A sloppy appearance often comes from your own unhealthy way of dealing with yourself. Just like you show kindness to others, show it to yourself as well. Criticizing yourself too much can lead to self-sabotaging behavior. Not only can this prevent you from looking and feeling great, but also from enjoying life altogether. Practice mindfulness and positive reinforcement as often as possible. Once you recognize yourself as a worthy human being, you’ll be able to work hard on your healthy habits, proper diet, regular physical activity and all other things that can positively affect the way you look on the outside and feel on the inside.

Remember, sloppiness is not something as simple as the current teen fashion trend that involves wearing boxy tops and baggy pants. Taking care of your body and mind is a must if you want to ditch your old sloppy ways and get the flawless look you always wanted.