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Why sleeping unclothed is good

5 reasons why you should ditch your pajamas during sleep.

The experts say that sleeping unclothed is good for you in many ways.


Better sleep

It`s very important to have a cooler environment when you sleep at night. Your body temperature progressively drops during sleep, which is a natural tendency of the body, so being too warm with heavy pajamas and thick blankets can disrupt that. Sleeping unclothed, actually, can help your body stay cool.

In the morning, you will be more beautiful

When your body is too warm at night, the releasing of melatonin and other main anti-aging hormones are disrupted. As your body becomes cooler, the growth hormones are released which are good for skin regeneration. Your hair will also look amazing.

Loosing fat

Sleeping unclothed actually mean sleeping soundly. During your rest, the levels of the stress hormone are decreased, keeping your energy and hunger level in check. When you are disrupted, the stress hormone is going higher, making you hungrier.

Feeling great

Sleeping unclothed will make you feel more confident and comfortable. Touching and feeling the cold sheets with your body can be very arousing.

Increased intimacy

Laying skin to skin with your partner will enhance the levels of the hormones. Sleeping unclothed make your relationships better and happier. You can more likely to have better intimate intercourse.YEAH!!!