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What Does The Size of Your Pinky Finger Say About You?

The study of palmistry gives in depth information about the size of the pinky finger and its meaning. For those who are interested into palmistry, this is for you – the study is analyzing the height of the pinky finger, and divides them into 3 different kinds and meanings. If you are interested, we give you the 3 types of the pinky finger and their meanings – which one is yours?

1. Type A

If your little finger reaches the first line of your ring finger, you’re type A. This type of people seek balance everywhere, because they function the best this way. You’re naturally very organized person which leads you to be peaceful. OCD is mentioned as existing part but not in an exaggerated type of way. You move away from chaos because it disturbs you and gets you off your rails. Your decisions are well made and thoughtful. You stand out of the crowd because you fully, deeply understand yourself.

2. Type B

If your little finger is shorter than the first line of your ring finger, you are type B. Type B are very emotional, sensitive and you tend to trust people you love the most. When someone from your closest friend betray you, you easily get hurt and even if you forgive, you will never forget. Helping others is one of your key elements, because you tend to be an empath. That is your weakness and your strongest point in your character in the same time. You love people, it’s very easily for you to put yourself in their shoes and understand them from the depth of their core. You indeed bright up and warm up the world.

3. Type C

You are type C if your pinky finger reaches reaches just beyond the first line of your ring finger. You are a person that gives more than you are required to give. Your love is full and unconditional, your thoughts are deep, your decisions are well made because you thought them and analyzed them to the deepest point that a person could reach. You’re a person who knows how to keep a secret, how to be discreet and tactful. You are not easily swayed by the opinions of other people because you have strong opinions for yourself. As much as you give everything, you also need in return as well. You will find your happiness with the people who love and appreciate nature and being natural, and love you for who you are.