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Six Steps for Bringing an Outfit Together

When you have a big night ahead, you want to look your very best. Your outfit can make you look well put together and elegant, or as if you haven’t even tried. The line between these two can be surprisingly thin, but don’t worry, as here are six foolproof steps for bringing your outfit together.

1: Choose Your Accessories First

You may be inclined to pick out the ideal dress or striking suit first, but this isn’t the way to go. Choosing your accessories first means you can build your outfit around them. Accessories can be dazzling, colorful, or even so subtle you barely notice them, so knowing what they are before deciding on your outfit means your clothes can be built around them.

2: Match Your Shoes to Your Top Half

Matching the bottom to the top is a simple skill that makes a person look well put together in an instant. It can be as simple as picking out red shoes and matching it with a red hairband or maybe wearing black shoes with a black blazer. The colors at either end of your body will make your outfit appear well balanced.

3: Wear a Statement Piece

A statement piece is a great way of bringing an outfit together. It can be in the form of a handbag, a piece of jewelry, or even a bright, striking jacket. Whatever you choose, make sure it sends a powerful message, and make sure you only have one! Too many statements in your outfit will be far too overpowering and you will look like a children’s collage. Having one can look elegant, interesting, and let the eyes focus on the outfit as a whole.

4: Choose Your Make-up Once You’ve Picked an Outfit

You may have a signature make-up look that you always stick to, but this might not fit well with your outfit. Choose your make-up based on your clothes; for example, if you are opting for a little black dress, a smokey-eye could look amazing! If you’re going for a softer, elegant look, a more natural, bare-looking face would look charming.

5: Don’t Ignore the Nails

Just like your make-up, think about your nails once the rest of your outfit is chosen. Matching your nails to your lipstick is a beautiful touch, or you could even make them your statement piece!

6: Round Off With a Gorgeous Perfume

Your look is incomplete without the perfect scent subtly following you around all evening. Having a selection of perfumes is a great way of ensuring you have the right one for each occasion and outfit. Of course, buying a range of full-bottle perfumes can be expensive, so consider investing in a monthly women’s perfume subscription box, ensuring you always have a vast selection to choose from!

Creating a look that is well put together takes a little more effort than throwing on your favorite jumper in the morning, but the complete look will have all eyes on you, and you’ll leave the event knowing you made the best impression you possible could.