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Six Essential and Effective Tools of PDFBear

PDFBear’s digital site is free and simple to use. It is also safe and secure, protecting the privacy of your files while maintaining the highest quality possible. You can handle your PDF documents with PDFBear’s conversion, splitting, merging, and compression tools, among others. PDFBear also lets you unlock PDF files, add an e-signature, page numbers, watermarks, and passwords to your PDF. It is available on any platform, including smartphones, desktop computers, tablets, and laptops. In addition, they handle all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, iOS, and macOS. This article features some of the basic and most streamline tools for your PDF and the ways on how to use them. Rest assured that all of PDFBear’s tools are useful, efficient, and free to use.

1.   Protect PDF File

When dealing with online data, it is important to operate in a secured location such as PDFBear to upload your online papers without risking your information. One of their online tools is the Protect PDF which allows you to strengthen the information security of your file. Every time a random stranger receives your documents, they will be required to enter the passcode you have chosen for that individual PDF file. Depending on your preferences, you will be capable of controlling who can see and modify your PDF file.

To safeguard your PDF with a passcode, first, submit the file you want to encrypt to the PDFBear website. When you’re finished, key in the password you wish. Make sure to avoid particular passwords such as birthdays, basic numerical patterns, and passwords that are regularly used. When you’re pleased with the password you’ve entered, press Encrypt PDF. Following that, you can save the newly encrypted PDF file to your local or internet storage.

2.   Unlock PDF Files

If you can include an encrypted password in your PDF file, it stands to reason that you will want to delete it for various reasons. One typical cause is to have a more efficient option of viewing a huge number of PDF files, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient. It is also advised to delete the encrypted password if you are becoming forgetful and hazy about your activities. Keep in mind that you can only delete passwords if you know the current password for that PDF file.

3.   Converting to PDF

Converting your files to PDF will make them easily viewed by a large number of people. Since PDF formats are more secure than Word, Excel, HTML, PPT, and JPGs, transformed files will most probably be difficult to change or copy by others.

Converting PDFs with PDFBear is simple, straightforward, and not time-consuming. To turn your specific file, either Word or Excel, simply choose the document into the conversion box. On the other hand, you can either select the slides or images to convert PPT and JPGs or drag and drop them into the conversion box. In terms of HTML conversion, you merely need to copy and paste your URL into their conversion box for the process to begin. After that, you can download the converted PDF file into your local storage, store it on Google Drive or Dropbox, or send it via email and messaging apps.

4.   Merging PDF

Merging numerous PDF files into a single PDF file will save a significant amount of storage space on your device. It will also be quicker and simpler to upload and transmit them via email. Your documents will also be more structured because they will be easier to find. These are some of the benefits of combining your PDFs into one.

To merge your PDF documents, simply pick them or drag and drop them into the site. After that, PDFBear will scan the papers and begin the editing. Once the procedure is complete, you may download or save the PDF document to your local storage, Google Drive, or Dropbox, or transmit it straight via email or messaging apps.

5.   Delete PDF Pages

Managing PDF files can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the correct and dependable tools to employ, such as erasing or removing specific pages or files from your PDF. Fortunately, PDFBear created an online application that allows you to simply and completely remove or eliminate any content or page from your PDF. This app’s Delete Pages tool provides the most precise deletion process.

To erase or remove a certain page or paper, you only need to follow three simple actions. The first step or action is to press the “Select File” button, or you can drag & drop your document. The next step is to decide which items or pages should be removed. Finally, you must wait for the tool to complete the full procedure, which normally takes less than or around one minute.

As demonstrated in the process, using PDFBear’s Delete Pages tool is extremely simple, unlike other PDF applications available on the internet. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a completely adaptable online PDF tool right now, PDFBear is the best overall. It can work and run on a variety of operating systems, making it possibly the most adaptable tool. And if you value your time, it is important to note that this server offers the quickest removal process.

6.   PDF Reader

As it implies, PDF Reader can read all types of PDF. Furthermore, PDFBear’s PDF Reader can do more than simply read PDF files. It can also access, distribute, and even provide a high-resolution preview of your PDF photographs and pictures. To view a specific file using PDFBear, simply submit the file straight to the PDF Reader tool. You can now access your file freely after it has been completely inspected. This application also allows you to immediately modify your file, and you may use it to print if necessary.

In A Nutshell

PDFBear’s online platform provides stable and sound tools that you may use anytime, anywhere. You may also subscribe to their PRO membership to utilize their product for an endless amount of time and have the highest and best possible document quality. Having strong security elements in your PDF has a significant advantage in terms of reducing the number of persons who can view your PDF file.