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Sir Whines-A-Lot, The Feline Who Steals From the Rich And Helps The Homeless

Meet Sir Whines-A-Lot! Some call him a hero, some call him a thief, but this rescue cat is one of a kind feline. The cat lives in the GuRuStu office in Tulsa. One day, the founder of the marketing firm, Stuart McDaniel, came to work and found money by the front door, the spot where the cat usually hangs out.

“It kept happening, but we didn’t know why. So we decided to test a theory,” Stuart said. “We tried sliding money through the gap in the door, and the cat hopped up and snatched it. I’m guessing the first people didn’t intend to lose their dollar. They probably put it in to mess with him, and he snatched it. When you hold money there, he’ll bat at it playfully at first, like, ‘Oh, that’s kinda fun.’ But then all of a sudden he’ll bite it and rip it from your hand. He does it so fast, you don’t even realize what has happened,” explains Stuart.

The feline increased the number of his victims and gathered a lot of money. Stuart decided to donate the money to a charity that helps the homeless population, since Sir Whines-A-Lot was once a homeless cat. Stuart donated 100 dollars on the behalf of Sir Whines-A-Lot. He even used the cat’s nickname- Cashnip Kitty.

Stuart even created a Facebook page for the feline that says:

“Cashnip Kitty is a hustler with a philanthropic heart. He will snatch your money and donate it to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. Slide a dollar through the slot and great blessings will follow.”