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Simplifying your Bathroom with Renovations

When you are redecorating or renovating your bathroom, one of the first things that come to mind is simplifying your bathroom. We are all guilty of wanting to get the most out of every part of our home and a bathroom is no exception. 

Many people want to spend the money for higher quality material such as marble but once a renovation has been complete, many realize going laminate or less expensive would have been the same. As with the floors, simple vanities can save money and be just as aesthetically beautiful. There are different options that are made now with the simplistic look but it doesn’t seem cheap. On a remodel it is much more time consuming picking out color and such to replace old items. An alternate option would be to just redecorate. 

An alternate option would be to just redecorate. You can choose a simpler design like a bathtub and shower is the space it saves. Think about the amount of space you will save when you don’t have a bathtub on one side of the bathroom. If you have two bathrooms, it can be hard to fit a bathtub in between. With the simple twist of a switch, you can convert a bathtub into a shower stall.

If your bathroom is small, adding a shower curtain to your overall look can be a great addition. You can find many different styles, colors and materials, so you can easily find something that complements your overall look. With the tub and shower curtain to separate, it makes it much easier to access the tub and shower without having to knock on your neighbor’s sink over. This makes for a bathroom that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to remodeling, the bathroom is a room that can really take a beating. It is common for bathrooms to be shared by more than one person – and that means more use than you expect. The last thing anyone wants is for their sink to spring a leak and for their home to be ruined. According to this plumber Sydney, you should periodically check bathroom cabinets, floor mouldings, and other areas for signs of a leak. Catching a leak early on can really help minimize the damage to your home.

By using an extra sink or an extra bathtub, you will be taking care of leaking pipes without spending money on expensive repairs.

To give your space a more polished look, consider purchasing a minimalist faucet. These faucets are made out of plastic, chrome or other non-silver finishes and feature a sleek and simple design. Since the sink, tub and shower are already in the minimalist style, it will help create the illusion that all of these items are part of one unit. With its single handle, it is easy to turn the water on and off. No image credit is necessary in order to appreciate the simplicity of the new faucet, as it compliments the rest of the home.

In addition to faucets, shower heads, and towel bars, it is important to also stick wallpaper in your bathrooms. Stick wallpaper that is plain or neutral tones, which will bring out the colors within your walls and bathroom. Although modern styles will make your bathrooms appear less cluttered, it is important to not let this distraction overshadow the other items in your bathroom. A simple theme of light pastel colors works well with most any decorating style.

Another easy way to give your bathroom a facelift without having to remodel everything is to simply use the right paint colors. Paint colors need to complement each other in order to be effective. Therefore, it is important to use the same shade of paint on each wall of your bathroom so as to create the illusion of one large room. Using light pastel shades on the walls will give your small bathroom a spacious look, while using darker shades on the remaining walls will make your bathroom seem smaller. This is a very easy way to create a modern, spacious, and small bathroom that will make any homeowner happy.

Overall, deciding whether you should re-decorate or renovate can be a tough decision, but if you just simplify your bathroom by decorating or changing some cosmetic look to it, it can save you a lot of money and feel like a new remodeled bathroom  so you get the best of both options.