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Shopping For Beds: Things To Consider In Purchasing A Mattress

Shopping For Beds: Things To Consider In Purchasing A Mattress

Shopping is a fun activity if you know what you are trying to find. However, it can be rather stressful if you are uncertain about what to purchase. That is why it is essential to prepare beforehand.

As you may know, mattresses have a lot of types. Each type has features that suit certain people. Deciding what to buy can be confusing because of its wide range of choices. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new mattress.

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Type of Mattress

You must identify the different types of mattresses so that you can shop better. You can do your research and look for the best mattress 2021 has to offer or individually search the advantages of each bed. Here are a few types of mattresses you can look into.


Innerspring is a common type of mattress that you can see in every market. Since this mattress is a familiar bed, it is a go-to bed for most first-time purchasers. It is made up of pocketed coils to offer you the best back support. The downside is that it is motion-sensitive. So, if you sleep with someone and they tend to move a lot, you will feel their movements.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is an ideal type of mattress that can provide both support and comfort. It reacts well to pressure and hugs the outline of your body so you can sleep comfortably. This mattress can also amazingly retain heat. If you would prefer a bed that warms you every night, memory foam is good for you.

Latex Mattress

If you want a more eco-friendly option, latex is made out of rubber tree sap. The sap is extracted and manufactured into a mattress that offers pressure relief to some parts of the body. It slightly cradles the heavier parts of your body, such as your shoulders and hips, for better contouring. Moreover, it is a hypoallergenic bed that suits best with little children.

Sleeping Position

The next thing that you should consider is your sleeping position. Your sleeping position can significantly affect your sleeping quality. That is why you should be able to identify how you sleep.

Back Sleepers

People who sleep on their back have their spine straight on the bed. The most common issue of back sleepers is lower back pain and sore muscles in the shoulders. Finding the appropriate mattress, you should opt for a mattress that can support your lower back and shoulder.

Side Sleepers

When sleeping on your side, you are putting yourself vulnerable to stiff neck and lower back pain like the back sleepers. Sleeping on your side will promote spinal misalignment as gravity pulls your side downwards. You should consider getting a soft-to-medium type of firmness to your mattress to avoid painful scenarios.

Belly Sleepers

Belly sleepers or stomach sleepers will put pressure on your chest and lungs. That is why this sleeping position is not ideal. If you sleep in this position, it is best to avoid firmer mattresses. Try to find a soft bed that perfectly molds your body when you are asleep on your stomach to prevent inserting more pressure into the mentioned areas.

Bed Size

After researching the different types of mattresses and identifying your sleeping position, you should determine your bed size next to that. You need to have an ideal size of your mattress in mind so you can even thin out your choices of bed when shopping. Here are the standard bed sizes and their description.

Single Size

Single-sized beds are the most versatile and compact in size of bed in this list. Its compactness can help you save space and is great in smaller areas. This bed is perfect for children and teens. Also, the elderly can use single beds, especially those who do not move around a lot.

Twin Size

Twin-sized beds are also excellent for growing teens. This bed size is also usually used for bunk beds. Moreover, twin beds are also an excellent alternative for a person who is on budget. Due to its size, it is on the more affordable side.

Queen Size

If you want a larger bed but lacks the space, you can go for the queen-sized bed instead. If you like to sleep cuddling your partner, the queen size bed will offer you just that. You can fit at least two or more people together in this bed. It is slightly smaller than the king-size but significantly bigger than the other two sizes before.

King Size

If you have enough space for a larger bed, do not fret and purchase a king-sized bed. This bed size is an excellent choice to balance out a large room and look best if placed in the bedroom center. Moreover, the king size is an ideal bed for couples who sleep together and values their own space.


Without a doubt, after you go through this list, and think about your preferences, shopping for a mattress can be rather a more leisurely activity. Still, always make sure that you vastly prefer the bed that you will be sleeping on. You hold the choice in choosing the right mattress for you.