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Shocking Revelation: The Horrific Effects Energy Drinks Have on Your Body

We all reach for some caffeine when we need an energy boost. Instead of picking up a cup of coffee, most people that need a quick boost, grab an energy drink. Energy drinks are created to stimulate us when we’re down and keep us alert. They might taste delicious, but they’re packed with chemicals and are extremely bad for our health.

Some studies show that there’s a connection between red bull and heart attack. In these studies, there’s a case of a 33-year old man that drank red bull on a daily basis and passed away from a sudden heart attack.

What does a can of Red Bull contains?

Red Bull is packed with sugar, caffeine and a very potent stimulator called taurine. No one has ever done a research on Red Bull’s ingredients and that’s why the negative effect can’t be proven.

One study has shown that although caffeine and taurine aren’t dangerous ingredients, mixed together-they can damage the cardiovascular system and cause a heart attack.

Can Red Bull Really Cause a Heart Attack?

Most studies on this subject show that every energy drink can damage your cardiovascular system and cause a heart attack. People that drink energy drinks have increased and irregular heart rate and high blood pressure. There two conditions combined can cause a heart attack.

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