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Shelter Pets Taken On A Field Trip To The Zoo To Meet Their Exotic Relatives

It looks like animals had more fun than us during this quarantine, especially the zoo animals. After spending many years in the same place, they got a chance to meet with other residents and even make some new friends.

The residents of the Animal Defense League of Texas were taken to the San Antonio Zoo to meet their exotic relatives and they had the time of their lives. Dogs and cats from the shelter were taken to the zoo to meet and interact with a variety of animals and it was a sight like you’ve never seen before!

“All the animals were able to have such a unique experience with this event and it was enthralling to see them interact with each other. Carla, the 7-month old white lab-mix was the most intrigued by all the zoo animals. Her favorite being the Giraffes, who seemed equally as curious to see such a strange animal in front of them. Our kittens were in awe of the Hippos and fish, while Ella, the 6-year old black lab-mix thoroughly enjoyed watching the gibbons swing from rope to rope,” explains Michelle Thorson, Development and Marketing Manager for the Animal Defense League of Texas.

The San Antonio Zoo has faced many overwhelming challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, the situation led to decrease in revenues and fundraising support. This incredible project was made in order to engage the community and bring awareness to the issues these animal organizations care for.

The Zoo asks for people’s support so that the Zoo and shelters hit by COVID -19 pandemic can get back on their feet during these difficult times!

Watch the amazing video of the field trip:


Dear Fiona,I hope all is well at your zoo, ours is open again and I'm loving seeing the families and showing off my skills…but check this out! Even cooler than that I got to meet KITTENS!Anyhoo, I'm still hoping we get to meet one of these days in hippo!Sincerely,- Timothy

Posted by San Antonio Zoo on Thursday, June 25, 2020