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She Lost 110 Pounds in Just 10 Months Without Exercising a Day

Losing weight can be really hard. Sometimes you try everything but you feel disappointed when you see the same number on the scale. The key to successfully losing weight is a strong will and persistency and this girl is the true example of that. She managed to lose 110 pounds in just 10 months.

After successfully losing 110 pounds, Lilly posted a before and after photo on her Imgur profile.


Lilly looks truly amazing now and she wanted to share her weight loss secret to everyone who needs it.

“I’m not a doctor,I’m just sharing with you what helped me. I decided the ketogenic diet. Importing approximately 20-25 net carbohydrates daily. In fact, when your body can not use carbohydrates, it have to burn fat. Between 90% and 95% of my carbohydrate intake comes from vegetables, high protein from chicken, beef, turkey meat etc. For those looking for a reason or motivation: just start and do not cheat! I threw everything at home two days before Christmas and has not looked back. The thing that slap me was when I stood on the scales and found that I have 60 pounds more than I thought. You will be grateful to yourself for a year (or 10 months). Believe me. I plan to lose more weight.” wrote Lilly on her Imgur profile.

What is Keto Diet?

Keto diet (ketogenic diet) is actually a low-carb diet. This diet is extremely popular because it can help you lose a lot of weight. The menu is based on low-calorie intake and eating protein rich foods. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.

How Does It Work?

When you reduce carbs intake, your body will start getting energy from the ketones which are actually fat deposits. This way you’ll start losing fat. It’s extremely important to remember that your protein intake should be the recommended daily dose.

What Can You Eat?
  • Meat: chicken, veal, beef, pork, ham etc.
  • All types of fish, including salmon and tuna.
  • Milk and dairy products; yogurt and cheese are also allowed.
  • Don’t consume any type of bread.