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Shaolin Monks Advise You On How to Stay Forever Young

Shaolin monks are known as wise and physically prepared for any obstacles. They’re also known for their flexibility, and pain-endurance and now they want to share with you the secrets to staying forever young.


1. Don’t overthink. Thinking too much takes a lot of your energy and can make you look older.

2. Don’t talk too much. Most people spend time speaking rather than doing. Start doing!

3. When you work, work 40 minutes and then take a 10 minutes break. When you constantly stare at something, you can hurt your eyes and disrupt your inner peace.

4. When you’re happy, you need to control that happiness. If you lose control, you can disrupt the energy in your lungs.

5. Don’t worry too much and don’t be angry. That can hurt your liver, your stomach and intestines.

6. Don’t eat too much because overeating can hurt your spleen.

7. Don’t rush when you do something. Remember that saying: “Go slow and you’ll get there faster”.

8. If you’re concentrating on physical training, you’ll lose balance. Get the perfect balance and pay attention to your Yin and Yang.

9. If you don’t exercise, then rest and meditate. Practice a light training that doesn’t give yang energy.

10. The goal is to achieve balance with your Yin and Yang, no matter how much time you’ll need to achieve that. The only thing important is what your body needs.