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Seven Ways to Transform Your Life This Summer

Spring is finally here, and most people living in North America are ready to go back outdoors and resume normal physical activities. Spring is always a time of rejuvenation and renewal, and the not-so-far-behind summer makes it all the more exciting to try new things, pick up new activities and reinvigorate old passions.

People are especially looking forward to this spring/summer season because for the last two, and a half years, most of us have mainly stayed indoors for fear of COVID-19 and because of social distancing and lockdown restrictions. Now that the world is finally recovering from the pandemic and a large population is vaccinated, things are looking up, and the coming months are expected to be promising. Still, it is best to take a cautious approach and resume normal activities slightly differently or with protective measures in place as the Omicron variant is still out there and continues to be highly transmissible.

Here are a few tips to transform your life this summer while ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones:


People are keen to go back to their yearly vacations. While it may not be possible for you to visit certain areas due to the pandemic, you can always plan a solo trip or travel with your immediate family or in a small group somewhere close by. This will help avoid plane travel and still enable you to enjoy spending time with your loved ones and discover new places.

Enrol in an online course

The pandemic has given a significant boost to online learning, and there are now many courses that can be completed online which were not available before. This might be the perfect opportunity to sign up for those courses and enhance your qualification and portfolio.

Take up a new hobby or revisit an old one.

The pandemic and the fear and anxiety associated with it have caused many people to give up things and activities they loved. Now that things are slowly coming back to normal, it might be time to revisit your old hobbies or take up a new one. Whether it’s gardening, swimming, stamp collecting or volunteering, it’s time to adapt to the new normal and resume safe and enjoyable activities.

Get in shape

The last two and a half years haven’t been that beneficial for our health. The fact that we have been socially isolated; the fact that gyms were closed for several months; the fact that people with immunocompromised family members had to stay away from many regular activities have affected our fitness and weight. The spring/summer season is the ideal time to get back in shape and start exercising again. If you still want to exercise caution and are not comfortable going back to your gym or your exercise groups, you can find alternative options. Some of the best online personal trainers can get you in shape from the comfort of your own home.  They will customize physical activity programs based on your fitness goals and allow you to choose the time/days that suit you best to engage in those physical activities.

Start a meditation practice

Times have been tough for all of us. We’ve all felt fear, anxiety and stress from COVID-19. Starting a meditation practice can be a good healing experience and help you overcome these fears and regain your mental strength. Life has been challenging, no doubt, and we are still unsure how the pandemic will unfold in the months to come. That is why it is especially important to heal and strengthen ourselves so that we can better face whatever is thrown at us as we move forward with our lives.


Another extremely therapeutic and relaxing activity that can change your summer is journaling. This is something that you can work on exclusively and where you can reflect and think out loud without any interference or fear from the outside world. It will be your escape and a chance to think about the good times, overcome the bad and plan for the future.

Meet new people

We realize that meeting new people has become a big no-no during the pandemic, but it is time to acknowledge that you can continue to socialize while being safe. You can meet in small groups, practice safety measures, and join book clubs, outdoor fitness groups, and other mini-gatherings. If you still want to be cautious, you can join online communities based on shared interests. The Internet has brought us closer than ever before. You can find people who have the same interests and tastes and are compatible with you even if they are in a completely different continent. So don’t be shy and start meeting new people again this summer.

The weather is getting sunnier and sunnier by the day, and these tips can help you feel sunny. You may want to start small, but you definitely want to get your life back on track, and there is no better season to do it than summer!