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Seven Kinds of Plastic Surgeries and Their Effects

Plastic surgeries are an important part of our world nowadays. Appearances are more notable, and now that we have these options available it would be good for you check them out and see if they are the right fit for you if you’re thinking about an op. 

If you decide to get surgery to enhance your natural beauty, there are certain things to consider.  Many surgeries come with certain downsides or with limitations while doing what they are meant to do. Going into this requires a mindset that science can’t fix everything. 

Breast Surgeries

There are a variety of reasons for operating on the chest for both men and women. 

One reason may be to fix up after cancer treatment. If you’ve had damage done to your chest’s integrity, this might be the place to look at operating. Augmentation of the breasts is another popular variation of this class of breast surgeries. 

A warning for those interested, even though these are successful usually, sometimes there is a chance of sagging later. Further surgeries can fix this problem. Scarring can occur at times if the operation doesn’t go well. 


Dermabrasion is a rather simple sort of plastic operation. The goal is to remove wrinkles and lessen scarring accumulated on the skin. This operation is highly popular as it’s very successful. 

It’s well known for its ability to reduce acne scarring. It’s performed by a surgical brush that turns at high speed taking off the upper levels of the skin. Although it’s effective at lessening the wrinkles and scars, it cannot remove them entirely. 


Nose job, or more professionally, Rhinoplasty, is said by Egozi Plastic Surgeries, to be, “The most performed plastic surgery currently done.” 

Beyond mere beauty, it has many more purposes. Rhinoplasty can be used to treat nasal injuries. For those who struggle with sinus issues, you can use this surgery to widen the nasal canal allowing for more natural breathing and fewer issues.

Also, it can make the septum smaller, allowing for corrected breathing. Congenital disabilities are another problem solved by this operation. If you would like the shape of your nose to be better and have a better ability to breathe, consider this surgery. 

Hair Restoration 

According to Stanford Health organization, one-third of men struggle with hair loss, and one-fifth of women also suffer from the same difficulty. Doctors designed this surgery to combat these tragedies. 

What the operation does is take the hair your head produces naturally and spread them out all over your scalp. By doing this, it revives the dead spots, and approximately 70% of your hair will return to life. 

Lip Enhancement 

This lip-focused plastic surgery redesigns your lips to a more desirable shape concerning the shape or volume. Unfortunately, this surgery is not permanent. It must be done every six months or so, but it has a low recovery time.  

Scar Revision 

Sometimes a scar can damage the way our skin stretches and moves and we don’t tend to like the way they look. The goal of this operation is to change that. 

This plastic surgery works the fibrous tissue that forms a scar into a different shape. One of the downsides is that it cannot remove scars, but it does lessen the impact they have on your wellbeing and beauty. 


Rhytidectomy, otherwise known as a facelift, stretches the skin to create a smooth and robust face. Also, it includes removing the extra fat in the front and strengthening the muscles of the face to create a better appearance. 

This surgery works on the facial features and the neck curvature resulting in a new, improved appearance. The downside is that it doesn’t mean the fat won’t return to the face, but it does an excellent job of reconfiguring the face. 


In all, we have looked at seven different kinds of plastic surgeries to improve the way you look or rectify life-affecting issues. Each has its benefits and disadvantages as everything does everything. 

Consider all of these options well, and see if any of them could improve your lifestyle or wellbeing. It’s beneficial to care for your body, whether you’re young or old. What’s on the outside has a big impact on the way we perceive ourselves.