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Setting the Tone for Your Wedding Begins with 7 Invitation Trends Like These

Spring is in the air and with all the lovely greenery and flowers sprouting around you, it brings to mind your upcoming wedding. Just as this is a new season in nature, your wedding is a new season in your life and that means it’s time to start making plans for real. If you are looking to set the perfect tone for you wedding, let it start at the beginning. Plan your invitations to match the flavor you’ve set in everything from wedding attire to venues and you will be one step ahead of the game. Check out these seven wedding invitation trends from DesignRush.

1. Creative Invitation Design

This is a lovely invitation designed by Elizabeth Baddeley in which a personalized design draws highly on the effective use of color. With tan or textured parchment as the base, the typography is playful and the invitation is themed right through to the R.S.V.P. notes included.

2. Modern Invitation Design

If you are planning a contemporary wedding, bold colors are what you need and just what these wedding invitations offer. The amazing thing about this particular style is that the invitation is literally folded like a puzzle which makes it interesting to open and will keep your wedding day fresh on the mind of the recipient as they chuckle over this innovative design.

3. Vintage Invitation Design

If you are having a traditional wedding with all the pomp and circumstance, a vintage wedding invitation design is ideal. With a bold serif font and plenty of lacework, your invited guests will automatically know that they are in for a royal treat. As in days of old, the colors are all natural and just what you’d expect of a vintage wedding.

4. Luxurious Invitation Design

Here you will find an invitation that is quite remarkable in its use of gold leaf effects and floral designs. Said to be both elegant and regal, this is another invitation that is absolutely ideal for a traditional wedding. In fact, the laser cut design is something worth splurging on.

5. Classic Invitation Design

In similar appeal to a vintage invitation, the Classic invitation uses the classic elements of a fairytale wedding. With white cardstock and cream-colored silk ribbon, you will have a wedding invitation that is both classic and elegant without any bold strokes or fanciful fonts.

6. Rustic Invitation Design

Printed on sandy cardstock, this would be a lovely invitation for a quaint wedding perhaps in a country church or under a gazebo with the bride and groom in rustic attire. The design is floral with deep hues of purple with subtle pinks and greens. To add to the appeal, a piece of twine is included. How’s that for rustic appeal?

7. Minimalist Invitation Design

Just like Millennials of today, minimalism is in vogue. Everything about their wedding may be minimalistic from the bridal party attire to the venue the happy couple chooses for their celebratory reception. Looking for a totally trendy minimalistic wedding? Start with these deep black matte envelopes with a white front reminiscent of a chalkboard.

If you check out the DesignRush site mentioned above, you’ll see other trending invitation inspirations for your upcoming main event. If you want to make your wedding day an absolutely perfect day, set the mood early with the invitations and let everything flow from there.