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All The Secrets of Wearing Red Lipstick

Wearing red lipstick is universal, classic, glamorous, and easy to pull off, but is very important to have confidence and a little knowledge how to wear it.

Many women assume that they cannot wear red lipstick, but they’re wrong. The main secret of wearing red lipstick is finding the right shade for your skin tone and not going overboard with the rest of your makeup.

Red lipstick is the one that dictates your behavior, therefore, when you wear it, you must always behave like a lady.

Here are all the secrets of wearing lipstick, when you decide to be a diva with a red lipstick.

Secret 1

First apply a concealer, particularly around the border of your mouth. This will help to prevent the red lipstick from smudging.

Match the right shade of red to your skin tone. For an example, darker skin tones like Brandy look great when wearing brown based reds, medium skin tones like Rihanna would wear true red color and lighter skin tones look great in lipsticks with red-orange shades.


Secret 2

Line your lips with a darker red liner (slight shade darker than your lipstick). Then drip easily inside the line if you do not want to be like those retro ladies with highlighted line of the pencil). For your lips look full, you can also apply lip pencil with the same shade on your lips ends.

Secret 3

Pick your finish for your lipstick, glossy or matte. Matte finish goes with the lighter shades of red, it last longer and gives a sexy pout. The glossy finish goes perfectly with darker shades of red; it shimmers and gives a bold look.

Secret 4

You can apply the red lipstick directly, but it is best if you do it with a brush. When you apply the first layer of lipstick, remove the excess  by pressing a handkerchief  between the lips. This will help prevent the lipstick on your teeth, too.

Secret 5

If possible, when looking for the best red lipstick always purchase for  quality, even if that means that you should invest an extra dollar for your red lipstick once you find your perfect shade.

Secret 6

And the biggest secret of all is to wear a red lipstick with a confidence. The red color itself speaks a million magical words. Make sure your attitude and self-confidence say the same.