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Seaside Style – How to Achieve the “Beach House” Aesthetic in Your Home

Do you long to live near the beach? To feel the sea breeze float across your skin? To smell that fresh, salty air and breathe it in? To hear the waves crashing against the shore, morning and night, as the endless tide flows in and out? Maybe a cabin on the beach is a little out of your price range, but that’s ok, because we’re going to take a look at a few things that you can do to create that beach house feel in your very own home.

The Right Window Dressings

One way to aim for this aesthetic is to invest in some summery window dressings. One idea is plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are made from quality timber and depending on the colour you can create a really beachy feel. We recommend opting for a nice bright white, or, failing that, a natural timber look. As the sun shines through you’ll really feel that much closer to the sun and surf.

If shutters aren’t your jam, that’s fine. Instead you could opt for some nice lightweight white or lightly coloured curtains. Lightweight and lightly coloured is the key here, as beach houses don’t tend to have heavy, dark and drab curtains or blinds.

Decorate Your Space, C’mon!

The next step is to adorn your house with as much nautical decor as you can. Okay, maybe wearing a captain’s hat around is taking it a step too far, but you are spoiled for choice here. The first obvious option is seashells. Especially large conch shells or the like. Place them in choice locations such as windowsills or on cupboards and it will feel like you bought them from a woman selling them on the shore.


Artwork is another key way to create the beach house feel in your space. Opt for landscapes of the ocean in soft watercolour. Or purchase some photograph prints depicting sun, surf and sand. Place these strategically in your living spaces so while you’re relaxing with a beer it really feels like you could walk outside and go for a leisurely dip in the ocean.

Get Wicked

Oh wait, that’s a typo. We meant get wicker. Wicker chairs and furniture give that perfect beach house impression and they’re often quite affordable. Sometimes you can even pick up a whole set second-hand for next to nothing. Keep an eye on Gumtree and eBay and you may just find a bargain that will get you the next best thing to that beachy feel.

Light and Breeze

Beach houses are often well lit with that sea spray breeze flowing throughout. Ensure that your space is well lit, preferably with natural light, and that you have great air flow. One way to get good natural light is to install a skylight. For that lovely breeze, keep your doors and windows slightly open. All that light and airflow will transport you by the bay in no time.

It’s as Simple as That

Follow the above instructions to a tee and you’ll have a beach house aesthetic without rival. Invest in some lovely window dressings like plantation shutters or a lightweight, white set of curtains. Get your decor on with seashells and other beach-like objects. Place some artwork depicting beaches and oceans in your living spaces, and pop some wicker furniture about both inside and out. Ensure that your space is well-lit and has a nice breeze flowing through it and both you and your guests will lap up that seaside vibe like there’s no tomorrow. Sit back and enjoy your hard work, preferably with a cold beer or wine.

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