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Scentbird.com – Perfume Subscription Box Service

Okay, so – you’ve got your personal style down. Your LBD is smokin’, your color palette is unstoppable, but sometimes you feel that maybe you’re missing that last little touch to put everything completely over the top.

Or let’s say that your gear is solid, your suits are always made-to-measure, but your weekend casual arsenal is lacking the one item to truly deserve legendary Next Level status.

Never fear. Sometimes all it takes to set it all off is to add a new perfume or cologne to your rotation. And that’s where we come in.

Selecting the right fragrance to sharpen your look and your lifestyle should be a fun, easy-to-manage, and creative process. You deserve to look AND smell fantastic, right? Nothing gets in the way of instilling comfortable confidence like not knowing who to ask, or where to begin. When you wear fragrance, you are sharing your life with the world, and nothing should come between your life and how good you feel.

Luckily enough, becoming a scent connoisseur has never been easier. You can curate a world-beating perfume collection easily and cheaply by subscribing to Scentbird. For as little as $14.95 a month, you can select from over 400 different niche and designer scents, and always have the most elegant styles at hand for any occasion.

And the more fragrances you discover, the easier it is for us to recommend new and different scents. Soon you’ll have an olfactory collection suitable for any season, formal event, or romantic evening, and you never have to wear the same scent twice! And all for less money than you’d spend going to the movies, or ordering lunch out at work.

Scentbird.com is all about “dating fragrances before you marry them.” Take a look at our list of brands first, to make sure we’ve got your back for perfume recommendations. Our mission is to ensure your total satisfaction, and you aren’t left with a dusty shelf of uninspiring, “one and done!” fragrances. Now you can save that cash for more fun adventures (like say, a movie or being invited to brunch!).

We carry a wide variety of designer brands and edgy, cult favorites to help you discover your own, unique “perfume personality.” From light, soft, florals perfect for spring and summer, to deeply spiced and exotic oriental scents.

And we’re always available to answer any questions you have about selecting, wearing, or shipping your fragrances. All you need to do is tell us which ones you want to try, and we take care of the rest. You have better things to do than fuss over minor details when you could be out enjoying life and rocking a fantastic new fragrance.

And best of all, here’s a Pro Tip: you always have complete control of your account – you can skip a month, build a theme around your shipment (Best Summer Scents for 2018), or allow our scent sommeliers to recommend a brand-new, “no one’s wearing it yet” scent. Scentbird is dedicated to making your personal fragrance journey as hassle-free and exciting as possible.

Scentbird.com is the quickest and easiest way to discover the scented world -signing up is super-fast, and after that, every perfume possibility you can imagine will arrive in your mailbox each month. So, try us out, and let our experts answer your questions, recommend the new hotness, and let you get on with saving the world one scent at a time. It’s just that simple, really. We hope you enjoy wearing these fragrances as much as we do in offering them to you.