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She Sat and Looked at The River for a Month- The Reason Will Break Your Heart

This dog was separated from her family the worst way ever. The family reportedly took a boat trip to go on a picnic when the dog fell off the boat into the Chao Phraya river near Bangkok. Luckily, the dog swam to the shore and waited for her family to come back.


She stood there for a whole month, without moving an inch. Unfortunately, no one came after her. Kind strangers were feeding her while she waited.

She-Sat-and-Looked-at-The-River-for-a-Month-2 She-Sat-and-Looked-at-The-River-for-a-Month-3

Her photo went viral on Facebook and people tried to find her family, but without luck. For unknown reasons, the dog’s family never returned, despite the media coverage.


After the month of long waiting, the dog was finally adopted by a concerned family. The new owners gave her the name Tha Ruea, which translates to Pier in English, in honor the waiting spot that saved her life.

She-Sat-and-Looked-at-The-River-for-a-Month-5 She-Sat-and-Looked-at-The-River-for-a-Month-6