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Safest Destinations for Female Travelers to Asia

Female travelers look for destinations that offer a welcoming atmosphere, have plenty of things to do and provide safe spots to seek solitude among nature.

Fortunately, Asia ticks all the boxes as all the countries on the continent mentioned below are easily accessible and relatively safe for women tourists.

You can easily explore the below mentioned places on your own, but if you find traveling alone intimidating, you can join small group tours in Asia for a better experience.


The Global Peace Index lists Japan as the ninth most peaceful country in the world and one of the main reasons this island paradise attracts many female visitors with its incredible scenery and vivid attractions.

Visiting Japan provides a wonderful travel experience, though it may not be the most economic one. From the neon-lit streets of Shinjuku to the cobbled pathways of traditional Kyoto, Japan is a country of contrasts.

Also traveling solo in Japan for women is very pleasant as people are polite and there is absolutely no chance of hearing cat calls. While walking on the streets, one is not likely to face any harassment, silly comments or whistling.

Apart from complete safety,Japan enjoys a global reputation of being an extremely welcoming country with friendly locals who go out of their way to impress foreigners with their impressively preserved culture and warm hospitality.


Being a leading backpacking destination, Thailand is an extremely safe and affordable destination to get around and as such receives the largest number of young female travelers than any other country in SouthEast Asia.

There are great options, especially for solo female travelers, where not only one can make friends,but find possible partners to travel with on the trip. Hostels are also a nice place to gather valuable travel information

Thailand’s economy, to a large extent, depends on tourism,so no matter which type of vacation you are looking for, whether it is to a beach or in a dense jungle, you will be able to achieve it in this country.

Nicknamed ‘The Land of Smiles’, the country also has a reputation of being a party hotspot. Moreover, the country is known for its good weather and pleasant temperature all through the year.No matter when you visit, you will be greeted by friendly locals, shopping bargains and gastronomic delights.



Ranked as one of the safest cities to travel to, year after year, Singapore is extremely clean and orderly. Plus the country gets full marks in controlling crime, high level of security and willingness to welcome visitors at all times of the year. You can get fined heavily for petty things like throwing chewing gum on the road.

Singapore, being multicultural, welcomes every international guest, male or female, with politeness and regard. In spite of being a small country, it has many different languages and religions. However, the people are friendly and even if you go to off-beat places you will never feel threatened.

Singapore is also a cosmopolitan city and the quality of living and way of life is much more advanced than most countries in Asia. This is another reason female visitors prefer to spend as much time as they can in this island nation.

To add to the fun, Singapore enjoys months of sunshine, has a host of great theme parks, exotic gardens, fine shopping and a vibrant nightlife scene which are the things women prefer when visiting any destination. The Lion City has a plethora of attractions to keep the tourist busy for days on end.


For a woman, visiting India can be an empowering experience and a journey on self-discovery despite the country being known as a bit intimidating to travel within. Over time, things have changed and women visitors make a beeline to visit India, especially for wellness and enlightenment.

There are a lot of safe accommodation options in India to choose from ranging from hostels to five star hotels, catering to every budget. South India is known for its world famous ayurvedic treatment centers which are extremely popular with foreign visitors.

If you are a beach lover, India has some of the finest beaches. If you are a nature lover, you can enjoy thrilling wildlife experiences in the national parks spread throughout India. Furthermore, shopping for handicrafts and jewellery is a passion with women visitors.

Some of the best yoga retreats are based in India which are visited by a large number of women travelers. These retreats are super-safe for women and managed by people who will go out of the way to make women comfortable.


If you are a woman who loves the idea of relaxation and rejuvenation, then the pristine beaches of Bali are tailored for a perfect vacation. From yoga, meditation and endless tourist attractions, Bali is an island always bustling with tourists, with a majority of them being women. No wonder it was ranked as the fifth best women friendly holiday destination in 2019.

Being a popular destination with digital nomads,Bali is not only extremely safe, but you are more or less guaranteed to meet like-minded people and never feel that you are on your own. There are plenty of budget and high-end villas and resorts for all types of travelers.

The best way to chill in Bali is by spending time relaxing on beanbags at some of the beach clubs dotted around the region, especially in Seminyak, where there is day long entertainment. For those who love Mediterranean cuisine these beach clubs are excellent.

The beaches in Bali are known for their legendary charm and unmatched beauty. Further north, you can even come across some pristine and secluded areas of black volcanic sand. For adventure seekers, check out the Gili islands or Komodo island, home of the famous Komodo Dragons.


From misty mountains, scenic beaches and cities brimming with energy, a Vietnam holiday is an unforgettable cultural bonanza. Women travelers, especially, will have it very easy in this country because of the gentleness of the people and the out of the world cuisine.

Starting from Hanoi, you can cover the length and breadth of this beautiful country in just a week. Da Nang, the mountain resort, is as pretty as a picture. Here you can stay in ritzy hotels without having to worry about your budget.

Vietnam is a perfect choice for women tourists as there are plenty of areas for females to relax or embark on a solo adventure on a motorbike.This will allow you to meet new people and see new places at the same time.

Violent crime, both against men or women, is rare in Vietnam, largely due to the fact that not only guns are illegal but the Vietnamese themselves are the non-confrontational type of people.