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Russian Expert Reveals: Here’s How To Regenerate Your Immunity In Just 15 Seconds

Do you have a weak immunity and you need a boost? The best Russian kinesiotherapy expert is recommending you a simple method that can regenerate your immunity in just 15 seconds.


Professor Sergey Bubnovsky, who’s a specialist in kinesiotherapy is absolutely certain that his method will help you boost your immunity.

The Method

Every day  when you get back home, after a hard working day, fill your bathtub with ice cold water or fill a large bowl with completely cold, almost icy water (4-6 inches). Put only your feet in the bathtub and start moving them for around 15 seconds. Get out of the bathtub, dry your feet with a towel and put on a pair of wool socks. Do this every night and you’ll immediately notice an improvement.

If you have the flu, put your feet in the cold water every 4 hours. Professor Sergey claims that this method won’t make you sick, but help you cure your flu faster.