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RIP Shiro: The Most Relaxed Cat On Earth Passed Away At The Age Of 18

The adorable Shiro, who became famous as the most relaxed cat on Earth, has sadly passed away on March, 2. Shiro was 18-years old. His chill personality made him famous on social media and he managed to put smiles on the faces of millions of people. Shiro could fall asleep anywhere, could balance fruits, flowers and even frogs on his head while relaxing.

Shiro’s full name was Shironeko, which means “white cat” in Japanese. Shiro led a pretty zen and chilled life alongside his siblings and beloved owners.

People from around the world were saddened when they heard the news about Shiro’s passing, so they honored him by sharing their favorite photos of the cat.

Rest In Peace Shiro! We’ll never forget you!