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Rings That Remind You Of Your Self-Worth

There are plenty of times in our lives when the words just will not come to us. Any writer could tell you that. Telling others how we feel or finding the right way to express ourselves isn’t always easy. When the co-founders of Love&Crafted Luka Vukoslavovic and Veronika Antipenko were forced to endure a long-distance relationship, they struggled with letting their feelings be known across the miles. The idea for Love&Crafted was born, and the couple brought their jewelry line that helps people feel connected and heard to the market.

Saying What’s on Your Heart

 Love&Crafted is the jewelry line made to say the things left unsaid, whether to a loved one or yourself. “We consciously craft each piece of jewelry to inspire deep connection and lasting memories,” says Antipenko. The entire line is love and connection inspired, and each piece expresses a specific emotion.

The collection includes “Hug” rings and necklaces designed to send a hug to someone you love when you can’t be there or to remind yourself that sometimes a hug can help us feel better. There is also “Highs and Lows” jewelry, meant to signify the highs and lows that we all endure through our lives and personal relationships. Other pieces are meant to speak to specific relationships, such as a Mother’s Love necklace or Tribe necklace, made for those who are part of your closest inner circle.

Each piece works as a communication device, letting the person who receives the piece know that you are there for them, that you appreciate who they are, or you are thinking of them even if you are apart.

Self-Care and Self-Love

Love&Crafted pieces are also an incredible way to show love towards yourself. Buying jewelry for yourself needn’t feel selfish or wasteful. Instead, what better way to celebrate a milestone reached or to give yourself a boost during a difficult time? A Love&Crafted piece of jewelry can become a family heirloom, something that can be passed down to someone else to continue the communication of love and support built into each piece by design. One doesn’t have to wait for a significant other or for a special occasion to purchase a piece of jewelry for themselves. Any time can be a perfect time to show some self-love and put across a message told through jewelry at the same time.

Love&Crafted likes to say they add a “pinch of love” to every handcrafted piece, and why not give a pinch of love to yourself — because you’re worth it!

Quality Counts

 Love&Crafted offers a wide range of pieces for any budget, including fine jewelry that could easily work as promise or engagement rings to make the ultimate declaration of love. Their pieces are 100% hypoallergenic, and are made of quality materials, such as sterling silver or 18K gold plating. The handcrafted jewelry pieces are nickel and lead-free as well.

Each piece is consciously crafted to tell a story of connection. The company is consistently adding new pieces, and many of the pieces come with companion cards that explain the meaning and feeling behind the ring or necklace. The Love&Crafted collection sets itself apart from your typical jewelry collection, allowing you to show the ones you love — or yourself — exactly how you feel.

The company’s customers have sung the praises of the handcrafted items since Love&Crafted’s founding. “Beautiful piece of jewelry, and my girlfriend loves it! She said everything in her life clicked when she got it!” said one customer on the website. Another praised how the piece sparkled and proclaimed it their loved one’s favorite piece of jewelry.

With their unique pieces, every piece of Love&Crafted jewelry is well on its way to becoming a favorite. Giving people easier ways to show loved ones near and far how they feel, Love&Crafted is upending the jewelry industry by making it about more than just looking good — but about feeling good, inside and out.