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The Right Food to Cure Fibroids

It is highly recommended by health and nutrition experts to consume foods that help relieve and minimize the fibroids. One of the best remedy is to follow fibroids natural treatment that is to consume the right food that minimizes and relieves the symptoms of fibroids.

Fruits and Vegetables: Consuming the right amount of fruits and vegetables is a great source of nutrients and fibre that act as disease and inflammation fighting agents in the body. These factors play an important role because excessive weight gain (pounds) and inflammation can contribute to the cause of fibroids.

Eating Organic Food: It may be helpful to add organic food items in your diet plan. Organic foods are made and grown without any use of chemicals and pesticides. The use of chemicals and pesticides in food items can impact the estrogen levels and hormones in the body. Therefore, to reduce the intake of inorganic food will help as it is said that hormonal balance is the key to natural fibroid treatment.

More of Green leafy Vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables are rich source of anti-inflammatory properties and effects. These vegetables are also rich in Vitamin K which helps in blood clotting and help maintaining the menstrual bleeding. With all these important factors, green leafy vegetables may reduce the chance of fibroid formation in the body.

Lentils and Beans:

Legumes, such as lentils and beans are known to have a low glycemic index or can be said to having low impact on the blood sugar. Whereas, food with high glycemic and carbohydrate sources such as sweets can cause inflammation and ultimately resulting to fibroids. Therefore, it is best suggested to replace these food items with plant based food items such as lentils and beans. Some of the healthy legume based dishes would be chilly vegetable, an Indian lentil soup, veg burritos and whole grain vegetable tortillas with dal.

Low-Fat Dairy Products:

According to a study, calcium has the ability to inhibit cell growth and production that can lead to the production of tumour. As per health experts, it is recommended to consume dairy products with low fat. You can opt and choose from lactose free fortified milk or a food item that is non-dairy equivalent such as almond milk.

Include Flaxseeds:

Flaxseeds are known to be helpful in maintaining and balancing estrogen hormone levels in the body, which in return can aid in shrinking and minimizing the symptoms of fibroids. It is suggested to include at least two tablespoons of flaxseed in the daily routine diet. You can do so by sprinkling flaxseeds in your oatmeal or smoothies or else simply eat the seeds.

Unprocessed and Whole grains:

Choose for a healthier meal option by opting for unprocessed and whole grains in your diet. Whole grains are richer in fiber, contains more minerals and nutrients and in return can be helpful in shrinking fibroids.

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