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How to Return to Employment with Confidence

Returning to work having had time off to raise your family can cause mixed emotions in even the most confident of women. Whether you are returning to your old role and company, or starting out within a new organization, the stresses and strains are the same. You are adding another ball to keep in the air to the family demands and commitments you currently juggle. However, fear not. To help guide you back to the workplace, here is a guide to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Get your confidence back

Time away from your career can seriously affect your confidence in your ability to do the role. Even if you have several years of professional employment, a prolonged break can make you question whether you have still have the skills required. The good news is that your employer has interviewed you and can see that you do and that you will be a valuable employee for their organization – you just need to believe it too.

  • Skills

You may have been out of the workplace for a while, but that does not mean that you can’t get up to speed by improving your skillset before you get to your new job. There are online resources that you can access to improve your confidence and industry knowledge, for example, there’s a Blinkist review here reviewed by Self Development Secrets, an app which gives abridged versions of books that focus on its key points – you can learn without needing excessive time to do so!

  • Work clothes

You need to have the right clothes for your workplace. You are more than likely a different size and shape from before you had children, so make sure that you try your workplace clothes on and that they are comfortable and fit you well. If you look good, you feel good, and your confidence will rise.

  • Haircut

There is nothing like having your hair styled to give you a confidence boost. Go and get a haircut that will mark the beginning of the new you. Be confident and sassy but make sure that your new haircut doesn’t require too much styling; a good cut should require the minimum of attention but make a big impact too.

Be organized

Organization is the key to your return to work success. You must make sure that you plan your week with military precision. Have a calendar on the wall that clearly marks where people need to be and when. Never assume that you will remember to do XYZ – the chances are high that you won’t, and there is no such thing as being too organized. Have a plan B so that if anything unexpected crops up you can swiftly deal with it, for example, a friend that you can call to pick your kids up from school if you are held up at work. You need to be organized but not at the expense of being inflexible.

  • Meal plan
  • Batch cook
  • Prepare and pack children’s lunches the night before they are needed

Returning to paid employment is a big deal, but by boosting your confidence and being organized, it can be a big deal for the right reasons! It’s a big step to take, but you will find that you quickly get back into the swing of things and a happy mother means happy children too.