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Rescue Kitten With The Most Adorable Ears Is Thrilled to Be Loved Again

A local rescue in Rowan County in North Carolina got a unique looking visitor. The visitor was actually a small, stray kitten, with the most unique looking ears. The poor kitten was found with an upper respiratory infection and a neck wound.

The little kitten has a pair of Yoda-like ears and it’s truly unique looking. The staff fell in love with the kitten the moment they saw her.

“She is a sweet girl that is very affectionate. We’re not sure about her (exact) age. She is young, maybe around a year old. She’s very small for an adult cat. We carry her around in our hoodies like a baby kangaroo, and she just falls asleep. She’s quiet and shy, but melts in your hands when you start petting her. She is just a petite little cuddle-bug, a lap cat,”explains  Jana Aviles, a veterinary assistant at the hospital where the kitten was taken for treatment.

She is also missing her incisors and often sticks out her tongue, but that only adds to her cuteness.

The kitten is doing well and it’s surrounded by love. She loves to cuddle and adores spending time with her human friends. She doesn’t have a name yet, but everyone in the hospital calls her Yoda cat, because of her ears. She’ll remain there until she’s fully healthy and then she’ll need a forever home.

Who wouldn’t want to adopt this adorable Yoda cat?