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Renovating your Home with a Baby on the Way

 Renovating a house at any time in your life can be stressful, costly, and exhausting (pretty much the same as when you have a new baby). However, if your new and imminent arrival has prompted a long-overdue renovation, where do you start, and how do you keep the pressure to a minimum.

Firstly, do not overdo anything

You need to look after yourself and your baby first and foremost before you do anything else around the house. Delegate tasks and jobs to others where you can lighten the load and burden on yourself. Similarly, do not take on too much management and organizing; instead, get in a contractor and project manager if your budget allows, as these will take away a lot of the daily stresses and hassles with managing a renovation.

Decide what is important and essential

When improving and renovating, there will always be unexpected costs to account for. So, before you start a project, ask yourself how much is my house worth. If your house is at the top of the price limit for your street or area, then consider how much you want to spend, as if you spend over the odds and then decide to sell once the baby arrives, you could well end up out of pocket.

Making a budget

Budgets are essential when renovating any space within your home. Creating a workable budget allows you to see what needs spending and when, and it also allows you to forecast ahead, so you can cover the big bills without getting stressed or worried. With any renovation budget, you need to allow for a contingency for at least 20%. Projects often cost more than you expect; this could be increased in labor or materials. So, keep aside a little bit of extra money for overspending as you are going to need it.

Deciding on a timescale

The timescale varies depending on many factors, including when your labor is available and when materials are delivered. Unfortunately, you also need to factor in the weather, especially if you are planning any groundwork or landscaping. Realistically your project will overrun, so keep this in mind from the start, and you will never be disappointed.


By the time your renovation is finished, your baby may have already arrived, which may slow down the final fixtures and fittings stage slightly, but do not worry, baby always comes first. Utilize labor as and when you can afford it to push your renovation over the last few hurdles. Spending a little bit more money at this stage will save time, hassle, and pressure, and it will ensure you can start enjoying your new space as soon as possible.

When it comes to decorating new spaces, always think about using the space before purchasing anything. Even with your old furniture, living in a new space can give you time to think about what you want your finished space to look and feel like.