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How to Remove Lipstick Stains From Your Favorite Outfits

All women love wearing lipstick, but when it’s a terrifying feeling when we see a lipstick stain on our favorite outfits. No need to throw away your clothes or spend money for dry cleaning. There are ways you can clean those nasty lipstick stains at home. These tricks will make your clothes look as good as new. Here’s how you can remove lipstick stains from your clothes.

Lipsticks contain lots of ingredients such as oils, waxes and pigments. This way you’ll end up needing different types of cleaners to remove the 3 different kinds of stains. Oils are removed with degreasers, solvents help the waxes come out and pigments need oxidizers to be totally removed. The main problem with lipstick stains is that the stain doesn’t get noticed right away. The more the stain sets in, the more difficult is to remove it. So try and remove the lipstick stain as quickly as possible to get the best results.


The key to remove lipstick stain is to work gently from the outer edge of the lipstick stain inwards.


Start the cleaning process by using alcohol. Take a clean cloth, moisten it with alcohol and put the cloth directly on the stain. Don’t rub, or you’ll ruin your clothes.

Liquid Dish-Washing Detergent

The dishwasher detergent is actually formulated to help you remove grease. Apply some dish-washing detergent directly on the stain and let it set for 10 minutes. Gently work on the lipstick stain from the outer edge inwards.


Ammonia can really help you remove lipstick stains. Dip the piece of clothing that has a stain in water. Get a cotton swab and dip it in ammonia. Gently rub the ammonia on the stain. Once the stain starts fading, wash the fabric by hand in warm, soapy water.


Hairspray is the oldest trick for removing lipstick stains. Spray some hairspray directly onto the stain and let it sit for 10 minutes.

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