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Remember the Dog That Cried in the Shelter? He Finally Found a Home

You must remember the heartbreaking photo that went viral- the dog crying in the animal shelter. It got shared thousands of times and people all around the world tried to help this sad dog find his happy home. Well, luckily we have some incredible news- the dog finally got adopted!Remember-the-Dog-That-Cried-in-the-Shelter-He-Finally-Found-a-Home-1

When “High Plains Humane Society” posted the photo of a dog shedding tears in the animal shelter, they couldn’t even dream that their phones won’t stop ringing. Ever since August, 3 they were receiving hundreds of calls a day.

One of the many candidates was the most persistent of them all and gave this emotional dog a warm and a happy home.Remember-the-Dog-That-Cried-in-the-Shelter-He-Finally-Found-a-Home-2

The new owner of the dog posted a photo of them playing together and she wrote:

“Don’t you ever forget that animal shelters from all around the country are filled with dogs that deserve love and a loving home. Don’t wait for photos that will show their sadness, visit a local shelter and save some dog’s life today.