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Relieve Stress in Just 5 Minutes With This Japanese Method

Our everyday life is full with stress situations, that can affect our health and the normal daily activities. The self-relaxation is a great technique to calm your mind and body and will help you get through the tough moments.

Here is how to get rid of stress in just 5 minutes using this simple Japanese method.

First, you need to learn what kind of feeling or attitude each of the fingers of your hand represents in order to practice this technique.


It helps you to combat emotions like concern and anxiety.

Index Finger

It can help you combat fear.

Middle Finger

It helps you to control resentment and anger.

Ring Finger

It can help you fight sadness and depression and will help you to be more decisive.

Pinky (small) Finger

It helps to calm nervousness and increases your self-respect and optimism.

The Japanese method:



To harmonize the energy in your body, hold the finger with the opposite hand, wrapping all the fingers and thumb around it. Hold each finger for 1-2 minutes. You should feel a pulsating sensation.

To calm your mind, press slightly in the center of the palm with the thumb of your opposite hand and hold for one minute

To stay calm and regenerate your body, you should practice this method every day.