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How to Recover Hair After Hot Styling

Every girl likes to give different styles to her hair to look good and up to date. They use to apply different hair styles by straightening through hair brush straightener, curling, bleaching, drying or coloring hair. But in most cases these hot styling damage your hair causing hair fall split ends and many more damages in your hair.

In order to solution for this problem, one has to be aware of the processes for damaged hair by hot styling. There are many home remedies for damaged hair and some efficient products are also in markets for your damaged hair therapies but all you have to know is that which product is suitable for which type of hair. Every girl’s hair is different from one another, their texture is different so you have to know about the product carefully before using it.

The home remedies for damaged hair by hot styling are more efficient and reliable in my opinion because they are pure and natural. In markets products we can not trust 100% because we never know that what ingredients they are using. But not all of them are fake, most of the markets hair damaged therapies are also useful for us and help us.

1. Treatment for coloring hair damages:

Coloring your hair causes so many problems for your hair because it contains several chemicals which affects your hair directly causing split ends and leaving hair dryness. As nowadays there is a lot of fakeness in the products specially in such beauty and caring products and such fake or low quality things can damage your hairs in worse way.

The texture of your hair is affected by coloring them because of the reaction of the chemicals on them. By applying color to your hair you need to get your hair more nutrients for their treatment because the chemicals used in the hair color products damages the growth and nutrition of your natural hair. To give your hair shine which you have lost in coloring them, you can use some of the home remedies also for it.

  • Take equal amount of olive oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, almond oil and castor oil. Mix them well and pour the mixture in a bottle by which you can use it easily. Then, apply this combination on your roots , scalp and all of your hair for about 2 hours and then wash your hair with shampoo. Do it twice in a week and you will have the results after two weeks.
  • Take 2 banana and some amount of yogurt and blend them in a blender. Blend properly and then apply the mask in your hair. After 3 hours wash your hair. This therapy will give your hair shine and smoothness.

By using such mask for your hair, you can contribute to its growth and saturate it with useful elements that speed up its recovery. By following the instructions given below you can enhance and improve the color and smoothness of your hair.

  • Try not to color your hair too often. This can make your hair weak.
  • Use natural dyes which are safe for hair.
  • Don’t lighten your hair without the help of hairdresser.
  • Only use such products which are specifically designed for the coloring of hair.
2. Treatment for damaged hair after drying:

There are many of such cases when people get their hair damaged after drying. Follow the remedy which we have stated below to avoid such pain.

  • Hot drying can cause more damage to your hair by giving your hair an ugly look or gives your hair dryness because of the heat that directly affect your hair. This damage gets more worse when you stay in sun for a long time. So there are many remedies for this damage also. Nourish your hair by giving them proteins. Drink extra ordinary water daily. Cut your hair tips daily. Don’t comb your wet hair as they are soft when wet, if you comb them in wet condition it will cause hair fall.

One can significantly improve the appearance and strength of their hair by using the recovery gelatin mask. To make this mask, one has to add 1 tablespoon of gelatin in a glass of boiling water then leave the mixture for few minutes. Then add 2 tablespoons of any vegetable of your own choice, a spoon of honey and just a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture by combing over your hair and after that, wrap your hair in a towel. Let the mixture for approx. 40 minutes and then remove the mixture out by using warm water.

3. Treatment for damaged hair after straightening hair:

By using best hair straightening brush daily, it causes damage to your hair as heat affects your scalp causing your hair roots to get weaker and it results in hair fall and split ends with damaging the texture of your hair.

Here are some remedies for this purpose:

  • Keep oiling your hair daily and wash it daily with the suitable shampoo.
  • Cut your split ends daily.
  • Use yogurt and egg yolk on your hair for smoothness and shine.

These are some of the treatments for damaged hair by hot styling which can prevent hair damage and helps you to look good every day with different hair styles.

4. Repair hair after bleaching

Bleaching is more destructive for hair than coloring because the bleaching products include potent substances which disrupt the cuticle layer of the hair and makes it brittle & dry. That’s why to give your hair more strength and life, use professional products. To recover hair damage after bleaching, do follow the following steps.

  • Take few drops of the base oil with egg yolk and a spoon of green clay. Get an indiscrete mass for this and add up little water in it. The amount of ingredients may vary as per the length of hair. Rub the mixture in your hair roots and make a light massage. After 5 minutes, wash your hair with warm water.
  • Grill the cucumber and take 3 tablespoons of gruel. Mix it with honey with a ratio of 3:1 and now add two parts of warm boiled water. Then apply this mask on your hair and wash it off after one hour.