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Reason You Should Consider Wearing a Belly Belt During Pregnancy

While it is a dream for every woman, pregnancy comes with a lot of discomfort, aches and pains. The good news is that today you can get help with a lot of pregnancy stuff, thanks to technology. If you feel like your pelvic area and the back are twinging and it feels like you need some little support, a belly belt will work perfectly for you. Most health experts highly recommend them, and pregnant women find them helpful. This article provides why you should consider wearing belly belts during pregnancy.

They offer Gentle Compression During Activities

Have you ever tried to go for a run without a sports bra? Sounds uncomfortable, right? The same principle applies to a growing tummy during pregnancy. The good news is that you can utilize a pregnancy belt for a more comfortable experience. A belly band or belt facilitates gentle compression, thus supporting the uterus and decreasing discomfort from physical activity movements.

However, you must be cautious when putting on a belly belt. This is mainly because excessive tummy compression can restrict sufficient blood circulation leading to negative effects such as increased blood pressure. Also, it can lead to indigestion and heartburn.

They Help Reduce Pain

Joint and back pain during pregnancy can be frustrating and cause discomfort when carrying out your daily activities. According to research, about 65% of pregnant women experience pelvic girdle pain, while about 71% experience low back pains. Putting on a belly belt or band during pregnancy can help support your baby bump and lower back during activities. Therefore, this leads to reduced pain overall.

They Provide Support After Pregnancy

Most women experience reduced core strength during the weeks following birth. Ligaments and muscles strained and stretched during pregnancy need time to heal.Unfortunately, the demanding task of caring for your newborn, combined with body weakness, can be difficult and lead to injuries.

Many women reportthat putting on a belly belt or band for postpartum offers additional support to the lower back and the abdomen. Thus, this helps reduce discomfort overall. Consequently, a belly band can be helpful to individuals who have experienced abdominal muscle separation. The belt helps physically bring the abdominal muscles together, boosting healing. Also, when combined with some specific exercises, pregnancy belts can help in closing the gap between abdominal muscles.

They Offer External Cues for Posture

Pregnancy belts offer great external cues to your body, thus facilitating the right posture. Since they support your torso and lower back, pregnancy bands foster proper posture while preventing overextension of the lower back. You might notice that most pregnant women will have a typical swayback appearance during their pregnancy. This usually occurs following the extra weight carried infront and the weakening and stretching of the core muscles supporting the spine.

It is worth noting that a belly belt or band offers only a temporary fix. This means that it does not heal any underlying dysfunction or condition. In fact, while supporting the abdomen, the belt can turn off the underlying muscles resulting in long-term weakness. Therefore, always talk to your doctor for better advice.