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Real-Life Rapunzel: 34-Year Old Woman Refused to Cut Her Hair Since She Was 5

While most of us dream about having long, healthy and luscious locks, Alena is living the dream.

Meet the real-life Rapunzel, Alena Kravchenko! Alena is a 34-year old woman from Odesa, Ukraine that has a 1.8 meters (6 foot) long hair.

Yes, you read it right, Alena is the real Rapunzel. She has been growing her hair since she was 5 years old. Alena explains that her mother is the one who instilled the love for long hair and ever since she was 5, she’s committed to maintaining her long locks.

Alena has been growing her hair for 30 years, which means she hasn’t cut her hair ever since. Even though her hair is outgrowing her height, she doesn’t even think about cutting it.

“My love for my braid is so strong that for a second in my whole life I did not think about a haircut. I can not see and cannot imagine myself with short hair or dyed in a different color!” explains Alena.

Taking care of such as long hair can be quite hard, but Alena says that is not that hard for her because she’s in love with her hair. She loves taking care of her hair because it brings her joy and happiness.

“The main thing that I never do: I don’t dry my hair with a hairdryer, I don’t use curling irons, I don’t comb my wet hair (they dry naturally), it’s all taboo. I wash my hair once a week, use natural masks, various types of oils to nourish my hair; the main care is professional cosmetics. I definitely use dried fruits, nuts, and homemade cottage cheese,” says Alena.