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Read This Before You Start Renovating Your Kitchen

After all the years of living in your home, you have finally decided that it is time to renovate your kitchen. It is important too, because, with changing times, the purpose of the kitchen has evolved. The ever-so-efficient ‘working triangle’, where the stove, the sink, and the fridge are kept at equal distances forming an (almost) equilateral triangle, might not be relevant to your purposes anymore.


Source: http://badelkitchens.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/2-KITCHEN.jpg

As exciting as renovating the kitchen sounds, getting the desired end product can involve a lot of work. It is important, for any kicthen or bathroom renovations Brisbane-based project, that the planning is done with great attention to detail and the execution is done with equal efficiency. Consider the following things, before you start renovating:

Think About What You Want To Achieve With The Renovation 

Everyone renovates for a different reason. The reasons behind renovating your kitchen might range from anything between better utilisation of space, or to increase the functionality to suit your lifestyle or just to increase the overall value of your home. It is important to take these goals into serious consideration before you even start visualising how your kitchen should look.

For instance, as I said earlier, the most used design layout of the ‘working triangle’ in the kitchen might or might not be relevant to you. You have to think about and communicate the same with your renovation team and designer to avoid any kind of confusion at later stages.

Think About Your Design Elements Around Your Appliances 

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The renovation project you are going to start will determine how your kitchen would look and function for at least the next ten years, do not make any ‘spur of the moment’ decisions about the design elements. Create a mood board in which you would include all the colours, textures, and fittings and keep the mood board somewhere prominent, where you will be able to view it every day. This way, if you want to make any changes in your initial decisions, you will realise that early on and won’t have to waste time or money, or worse, compromise when everything is already moving.

Keep your appliances in mind while you make your mood board. Ideally, your kitchen should be designed in a way that compliments your appliances and enhances their functionality.

Timing is Key 

Be ready for the long haul. Even in the best case scenario, kitchen renovation projects take up to a minimum of six weeks to complete, and you need to prepare accordingly. What this means is that for a minimum of six weeks, you will not be able to use the kitchen. To cope with this, my advice is to set aside a separate section of your home for your fridge and your stove and be prepared to use your washroom or laundry sink to do the dishes.

Timing is key in the renovation project itself. Think about what parts should be done first and why. For instance, if you install the countertop marbles first, the workers might use them to climb and do the overhead work. This might result in damaged countertops, which is an added expense in terms of money and time. Sure, most renovation projects usually cross the expected time and budget, but that doesn’t mean you cannot be prepared for it.

Think of The Renovation as an Investment That Adds Value To Your Home 

We all know how important cost cutting is, especially when it comes to renovation and/or construction projects because they almost always cross their determined budget. To accommodate this many of us cut down on the cost of appliances or labour.


Source: http://tjbremodeling.com/data/images1/ringwald-ba-3.jpg

As important as cost-cutting might seem, it is important to think long-term. The renovation project is going to add value to your home and it is only smart to stick to reputable brands and companies for the work, fittings, and appliances.


In conclusion, try to think if you need a renovation at all. Sometimes, the smallest of changes can totally turn the look of your kitchen around. Before you take on any serious renovation projects, remember that small touches can sometimes make all the difference and your purpose can be solved with just a fraction of time and money that you were originally going to spend.