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Rare Ginger Seal Pup Get Shunned By Other Seals Because He’s Different

This rare ginger seal pup was noticed on the coastline of the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia. Unfortunately, the unique seal has been shunned by the other seals because they can notice he’s different.

Biologist Dr. Vladimir Burkanov was the first one who shared photos of this incredible creature. He also explains that the other seals are avoiding him and that they’re not happy when he’s around. He also believes that the other seals will start chasing and biting the seal in the near future.

“This pup looks well-fed and was very active, so its mother clearly gave it plenty of milk. Other seals don’t pay too much attention to it in a somewhat worrying manner, so something is not quite right with it,” says Burkanov.

Albino seals have unique genetics. They’re not white, but ginger and have bad vision. Biologists believe that ginger seals may not be able to breed, so the best thing to make the seal’s life better is to transfer it to a Dolphinarium.

Another ginger seal was located on Bering Island in the Severo-Zapadnoe rookery. The seal was first photographed in 2017, at the age of 2-3. The unique seal was in great physical shape, but it was clear that it had poor sight.