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Ran Out of Shaving Cream? This Food Can be Used to Shave Your Legs

Summer is almost here and it’s time we get back into our shaving routine. Yes, the joy of being a woman and constantly having to worry if your legs are hair-free. Although many women typically use shaving cream or gel when they shave their legs, we heard about another thing you can try instead when your shaving cream is finished. We might say that out solution is pretty tasty!

All you need is a new razor and some creamy peanut butter!


What to do:

Hop in the shower and apply a thin layer of peanut butter on your legs. Shave as usual. The key thing to remember is to rinse the razors thoroughly every couple of swipes because the peanut butter can clog the razor easily.

Why try it?

It’s not something we recommend you to use anytime you shave your legs, but it’s a good option for when you don’t have any more shaving cream around the house. Not to mention, peanut butter will keep your skin extra hydrated and smooth.