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Quick and Easy Ways to Style Short Bob Haircuts

We’ve all been through a phase when we feel like chopping our hair off—only so our hesitation hits us when that time actually arrives because short hair styles means fewer styling options.  However, styling options with a bob are endless so you need not to worry! Today we have gathered some simple and cool ways to style your short bobs quickly and effortlessly.

  1. Blunt bangs

You can give your already existing blunt bob a very modern vibe that will continue in 2018 short haircuts by cutting medium thickness bangs which should fall right above your eyelid and a little below your 8. Though you might manage the bangs however you please, the length will provide you with the preference of either pulling them back or growing them out with ease.

  1. Fake bangs with a bobby pin

Believe it or not but the bobby pin is completely underrated. You can create a fake fringe by side parting your hair and fixing it up with a bobby pin. And, the best part is you don’t need to cut your hair. Being the cherry on top the pins on the side will act as a cute hair accessory.

  1. A middle part

If you try this you’ll see that changing the way you part your hair, alone can fashion a drastic difference in your overall appearance. Set your hair flips in various directions to create layers, volume or different impressions. Change up your look with a mod center partition bob and textured ends in the frontal layers of your hair that fall on the sides of your face.

  1. Pinned curls

Jump out of the misconception that you can’t have fun with short hair. In fact, short hairstyles are more unique and diverse because you can create a trendy 20’s look with pin curls opening from your ears and trailed around your head. Removing the curls afterward will leave your hair in toned down nice beachy waves.

  1. Voluminous waves

Be ready if you haven’t gotten rid of your hot rollers. For the next look you need to part your hair to the side and set them in thick rollers. Make sure you keep them on for at least half an hour. After adequate time has passed, starts pulling out the rollers gently without damaging the curl and set the style in place using a durable good quality hair setting spray. To make your look more trendy and chic for a 2018 short haircut add an ear cuff or dramatic dangly earrings on the opposite side of the partition.

  1. Trusty tousled waves

Last but not the least is the simplest yet a very trendy way to style your boring bob. All you need is a curling wand and a heat protecting hairspray. Curl your hair using the wand and afterwards run your fingers through your hair loosely. Preserve the pieces around your face in a spiral shape and finish off with finishing spray or salt spray for more texture.