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Quick And Easy Oil Diffuser Tips

Diffusing essential oils is unquestionably one of the most effective ways for you and your loved ones to experience countless benefits from an essential oil. Oil diffusers break down essential oils into tiny particles that are dispersible into big and/or small indoor spaces with just a few drops. Using them is not only an amazing for aromatherapy but also creating a relaxing and fresh environment to live in.

Different varieties of oil diffusers exist in the market today. The good thing is that using each one of them is very easy. Nevertheless, every type of diffuser brings with its own method of utilizing in order to help you reap maximum benefits.

Do you want to obtain the most from your essential oil diffuser? If yes, then you need to ensure that you follow these oil diffuser tips:

1. Always Avoid Mixing Blends

Essential oil blends are a combination of different oils tailored for a certain purpose. A blend might contain anywhere from three to more than fifteen essential oils. Therefore, you should never mix two blends in a diffuser.

The prudent thing to do is to experiment with mixing singles. Alternatively, you can an extra single to one blend if you’ve got a precise purpose in mind. Here’s what you need to remember when searching for which essential oils to mix:

  • Blend & Blend = Avoid
  • Single & Blend = Good
  • Single & Single = Good
2. Always Use Low Mineral Water

Ever noticed the limescale that builds up in a kettle? It’s normally occasioned by minerals contained in tap water. The higher the content of minerals in the water, the harder the water is. That simply means that you’ll need to clean the kettle more often. So what’s the relationship with an essential oil diffuser?

The best essential oil diffusers normally contain a round disc that’s called the ultrasonic disc. The disc vibrates at countless times per second in order to split up the oil/water mixture to a fine mist that goes to the air. Similar to the kettle, with time the ultrasonic disc and diffuser suffer from limescale build up.

By utilizing low mineral water, you can minimize the buildup of scale inside the diffuser as well as on the disc. Consequently, you’ll often require less cleaning.

3. Always Use 4 – 6 Drops

Most essential oil diffuser manuals suggest that you use roughly 8 – 12 drops. According to researchers, this number is too high, especially for a standard sized room. The suggested amounts in a manual are handy for the large and open plan houses. If your rooms are standard sized, it’s prudent to use 4 -6 drops.

4. Strictly Use High-Quality Essential Oils

Essential oils normally come in dark and small bottles. You should keep off those that come in clear bottles because exposure to sunlight damages the oil. Additionally, skip brands that include ‘nature identical oil’ or ‘fragrance oil’ or ‘perfume oil.’ Finally, yet importantly, keep off bottles that feature a rubber dropper. That is because certain oils might degrade the dropper thus causing the rubber to contaminate the oil. After searching and finding a brand, which you can trust, it’s essential to stick to it. High-quality diffusers always produce top-notch oil blends and essential oils.

5. Always Follow Cleaning Instructions

One of the mistakes many users of oil diffusers make is to improperly clean their devices. When you clean yours as expected, you’ll be able to enjoy more effective scent diffusion. Furthermore, it’ll help keep the device working optimally in the long haul.

6. Always Avoid Inhaling Directly

You must refrain from inhaling the mist inside an ultrasonic diffuser. If you inhale directly, you’ll introduce unwelcomed substances to the body. You can end up suffering intensely.

General Tips

  • You should always place your diffuser firmly and secure in an elevated position. The higher the position the better because the oil mist will be able to catch undesired substances and smells as it falls.
  • As you start diffusing oils, it’s prudent to begin with 15 – 30 minutes per day. After getting a feel of things, you should consider increasing to several more hours per day.


Essential oils boast the ability help your body detox. This is just one of the many benefits the oils bring with them. To reap the maximum benefits of using an oil diffuser, it’s paramount to adhere to the above-highlighted tips.

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