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Put The Ring on Your Ears

The first thing that pops in your mind is trendy clothes and shoes. Many don’t think of earrings that much. So, let’s talk earrings. Just like you can pay someone to do your math homework online, ear piercing has been in existence since time in memorial so nope we aren’t the first civilization to rock it. Worn by any sex but more common in females, earrings were mainly for decorations. Just look at those little cute babies with a ring on their ears; aren’t they so adorable?

Just like clothes, shoes or scarfs…..earrings are used to make a statement. If you are the bold, trendy person who calls for attention then statement earrings are your muse. How would you know the type of ring to make a statement you ask? Well if it’s dangly, tassel, sparkly or colorful then you already know all eyes will be on you. You and I both know these kinds of earrings go best in an informal kind of setting. Yes, go dazzle that hot, blind date with that gorgeous pair of tassels. Go for that wedding with all those dangles (just don’t outshine the bride; they hate it). Put on that colorful pair on a bright sunny day as you take a stroll because:

  1. It’s your pair of earrings and
  2. You bought it with your hard earned money!

Studs. I know you are probably thinking they are such a conservative bore! Guess what? Studs come with expensive gems like diamonds in them, moreover, they can even be made of precious metals. Not so boring now. With studs you can be rocking them in whichever occasion; be it that executive meeting you’re attending or that coffee date with a long-lost friend. They are a safe go. I mean, have you ever heard of anyone being asked to remove their studs during a robbery? I bet not. Studs have a way of subtly making you still look trendy. So if you are an average John/Jane Doe don’t hesitate to add up some spice in your ears with a good pair of studs.

Some of you are probably wincing while reading this. You can’t fathom enduring all that pain while piercing your ears. I won’t try to tell you that it’s not that painful really. Everyone has their own degree of pain tolerance and I acknowledge that. Good news is… you don’t have to endure all that pain! If you have the desire to rock earrings; you still can painlessly. There are many varieties of clip ons and other non-pierced earrings. You can decide to pick magnetic ones, stick ons, spring hoops, ear screws, ear hooks….etcetera. We can all be happy earring lovers after all.

Then we have these species of lovers of rings (not in their ears only). Gurus in the art of piercing. Elaine Davidson loves earrings so much that she couldn’t get enough of them; she had to find other places for them other than the ears. Why? I honestly don’t know. The one question I would want to ask her is whether they are permanent? Speaking of permanency. Do you know there were permanent earrings before? Yikes! Unfortunately they were once used as a mark of slavery or ownership. Do they still exist? Kindly inform us if you do know of them.

At the end of it all let it be your decision to put on earrings. Don’t be scared to go all out also. Go for that store expensive pair or that hand- made pair by a friend. If you have many piercings just show them off by having a variety of rings through them. Glow, because your sparkly, dangly earrings makes your surrounding a better place.

That’s it for earrings!

I hope you enjoyed the read. Until next time, Cheers!