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What to Put in a Diaper Bag

A well prepared diaper bag actually can save the day of every mom. To prepare your diaper bag as quickly as it can, first start to point and figure out what is necessary and you need most, and what you can leave behind. Remember, what to put in a diaper bag, actually depends on how old your child is, then how long you’ll be outside of home, where you’re going, and how prepared you would like to be.

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This checklist will help you what to put in a diaper bag and how to organize it to better use.


Several diapers to change every one hour or two, depending on how long you are going to be outside and always put extra diaper, just in case.


Wipes are must haves in your diaper bag. Put a good travel pack of wipes which are perfect for a diaper change and any other use, such as cleaning your hands.

Changing pad

A changing pad or a blanket is necessary to cover the surface when changing your baby diaper. Many diaper bags come with one changing pad, if not, then buy a larger one separately, or bring a hand towel from home.

Diaper disposal bags

When you need to take the dirty diaper with you, then you must have a several diaper disposal bags.


One or two bottles, one for breasted milk or formula, and another one for water if it is necessary.


Always wear a blanket or nursing cover. You can use the blanket for many purposes, to cover the baby, if the weather change, or cover any surface if necessary.


If you use a pacifier for your baby, store it in a clean bag to keep them clean, anytime if the baby needs it.

Comfort toy

Put the favorite toy of your baby, to keep the little baby`s hands busy.

Clothes for baby

Put sleeper, onesie, socks… anything that is necessary to change the clothes of your baby. Do not forget to take a hat which is good for keeping the baby`s head protected from sun or rain.

Small first aid kit

Always wear an aid kit including bandaids and antibiotic ointment.


Make sure to have a pack of paper tissues, for you or the kids.

The other must haves for mother and baby: Breastpads, 2 or 3 bibs, hand cream, cell phones (always have the number of your pediatrician), child’s health info wallet, keys, water.

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