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Pros And Cons Of Converse Trainers

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars (called “Chucks” for short) have been a leading brand of shoe since 1917. The All-Stars were named after Charles “Chuck” Taylor, a star basketball player.  Until 1980 they were worn exclusively by athletes.  Chucks are more famous these days off of the court compared to on the court and most are worn by hipsters, musicians, and artists.  Some celebrities have been seen on the red carpet rocking a pair of Chucks to give them that “grunge chic” look.

You can wear Chucks with just about any kind of outfit; they look good even when they are dirty and they are very durable. So when it comes to All-Star ownership what are the downsides?   Classicists favor these shoes, but many people really don’t like them.  Although they aren’t considered to be a fashion crime, some people (including podiatrists) may view them as a crime against function.  Since there are two shoes in every pair, the following are the two sides of the story: the pros and cons of Chucks.


Affordable Price

Converse trainers are fairly affordable when it comes to high-end name brands.  For example the retail cost of Air Jordans range from $175 up to $200. The Adidas Kanye West Yeezy Boost shoes are on sale for $3,000 at Flight Club, which is an exclusive sneaker market.  These models are not only incredibly expensive, but they are also both shipped in only limited amounts to stores, which causes consumers to line up (both figuratively and literally) across the country to get hold of a pair.  However, despite all of the inflation that the footwear market has seen, Chuck Taylors have continued to be moderately priced (ranging from $30 up to $60, depending on where you buy them and what size they are).  Limited edition Chucks might cost a bit extra but they are not overpriced like other brands.  Chuck Taylor sneakers are also not under-shipped the way the two previous brands of sneakers are.  It is very rare to not be able to find blue, white, red and black All-Stars whenever you want to.  They allow you to be stylish without having to break your budget or wait in a long line on a Saturday at 7 a.m. until the shoe store opens.

Taylor Made Shoes    

Chucks sneakers have charisma.  They have a tendency to be made to fit your feet.  Sneaker fanatics like to keep their Chucks in top shape and make sure they stay really clean without any scuff marks.  Each and every time they look as though it is the first time they have been worn.   Your Chucks may look a bit seasoned if you don’t read Vogue or know about the upcoming fall fashion trends.  However, even dirty Converse shoes can be irresistibly charming.  Given that Chucks are made out of canvas-based material, they lend themselves to the concept of being customized and drawn on.  With just your imagination and an ordinary magic market, you can fully express your personality.  Official Converse stores and website also provide you with the option of customizing your own Chucks.  Every detail can be selected down to the color or your shoelaces.  You can view this as the exclamation point you are putting on your very own fashion statement.

Tying Everything Together

Have you ever found yourself walking down a street and spotted somebody else wearing Chucks while you are wearing yours, and given the person a small nod of recognition?  What, am I the only one that does this?  Well, either way, there is an unspoken bond between Chuck Taylor wearers.  They have a tendency to be the top shoe choice for individuals who are part of the “not-so-in-crowd,” although they are still trendy shoes.  Also, they are quintessential punk rock footwear.  Both artists and fans have been seen wearing these shoes with stars that look like an ancient constellation.  Just imagine this.. it is the mid-1970s and up on the stage, The Ramones are performing a CBGB.  It is loud, it is hot and it is cramped, but everybody is singing.  That was a community of individuals who brought together their love of jeans, leather jackets, rebelling against “The Man,” blaring guitars and shoes hey work like badges of honor.  There is nothing that says you can’t be different and the same simultaneously.


Insufficient Support

Chuck Taylors are made out of lightweight material which provides your feet with more flexibility compared to most sneakers.  However, without the restraints provided by most footwear, this also means that Chucks are lacking in support.  Chucks tend to be more comfortable in some ways compared to most shoes. However, if worn consistently, problems may develop over time.  Podiatrists have associated excessive wearing of Chuck Taylors to stress fractures, tendonitis as well as Plantar fasciitis.  Chuck Taylor All-Star 2 is being advertised as having been redesigned to provide more support.  However, if you are nostalgic, you don’t want to have a second generation copycat, even if they are really comfortable.  Apart from competitive sports, simply walking in Chucks regularly over long distances may cause major discomfort.  That is why you should give your Chucks a rest once in a while and wear shoes that are more supportive.  Everyone appreciates feeling like they are practically barefoot when they walk, however not if you have to take a long foot bath every night for relief.

“My shoe has a rock in it!”

Wearing wet socks is the worst feeling in the world, right?  Wrong?  Wet sneakers are the absolute worst.  As noted previously, the same sturdiness is not provided by Chucks that conventional shoes offer.  They do not protect well against the elements either.  If it snows or rains, your regular sneakers might not keep your feet as dry and warm as boots, but you at least have a fighting chance.  However, with Chucks, they are very thin so if they get wet you will be wearing not only wet socks but also wet shoes, which is very unpleasant.  If somebody happens to step on your foot while you are wearing Chucks you’ll definitely feel it.  So if you are planning on going to a crowded place, you might want to wear other shoes to prevent your feet getting trampled on without a lot of protection.

Frequently Imitated

Any great thing is invariably copies, sooner or later.  It is said that the highest kind of flattery is imitation, however, it can be disrespectful and annoying.  Chuck All-Stars are unique shoes.  They can be spotted miles away and you can tell exactly what kind of shoes they are.  But then you get a little closer, and think, what is that?  There are no stars on the shoe’s side?  The back doesn’t say “All-Star?”  Those aren’t Chuck Taylor shoes!  Unfortunately, many shoe companies try to copy the legendary design.  It certainly is fine to pay homage, however, when there are too many copycats is can taint the legacy of wearing Chucks.  For some people, they aren’t merely shoes.  They are a true way of life.  Chucks have been an essential component of fashion, music, and sports history and continue to be.  There may be other shoes that look similar, but they don’t have the same reputation that Chucks do.

So what have we be able to learn here?  That Chuck Taylors are amazing.  Thes shoes are innovative, frequently copied, and can be painful at times.  They go with just about anything and go everywhere you want to go.  We have looked at both sides of this sneaker.  If you are a fan already, this might have reaffirmed your deep love for the shoe, or maybe you have been motivated to switch to a different shoe sometimes to prevent foot damage in the future.  If you weren’t previously a fan, you might be thinking about getting a pair. Whatever your thoughts happen to be, hopefully after reading this you are much more knowledgeable about Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes.