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Prolong Your Life Starting Today with These 5 Simple Tips

The quest for immortality is as old as humanity itself. Though immortality is not practically attainable, a long life has always been the next best thing. Over the ages, people from all parts of the world have in one way or the other, discovered certain activities or conditions, which when maintained, helps to prolong the life of the individual. With the advancement of medicine and the scientific method of experimentation, many of these discoveries have become proven methods of prolonging life.

The following paragraphs list 5 of the most important of these methods.

1. Maintain Good Hygiene

Right from childhood, we are taught to wash our hands regularly, and for good reason. The normal environment of any human being, like the home, the garden, the office etc., is filled with millions of microbes, with distinct characteristics. Some may be harmful, while the rest are not, some could be air-borne, while the rest need some sort of solid surface in order to move from place to place.

By regularly washing your hands, and washing fruits before you eat them, by taking a shower at least once daily, and avoiding contaminated water and stale food, you will protect yourself from disease causing germs. Certain illnesses like Cholera, typhoid and food poisoning, which are caused by low hygiene standards, especially in developing countries, are often a major cause of death amongst the local populations.

2. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Obesity has recently been officially classified as a disease. Overweight individuals run the risk of overworking their systems, especially the circulatory system and the heart. This happens because the heart will need to pump more oxygenated blood because of the body’s larger size, and when the individual moves around physically, there will be a need to pump even more blood. Such an individual will be labeled hypertensive, and gas a high risk of stroke. Being overweight has also been linked to diabetes and to high blood cholesterol.

Losing weight should be a high priority goal for any overweight person. You can jump start your weight loss with SkinnyMint. Using exercise to burn off fat, the overweight individual can also reduce his or her food cravings, with appetite suppressant or different diets, such as the Alcachofa Diet. This is because weight gain and weight loss are all about calorie intake and calorie expenditure. So you burn calories by training, but control your calorie intake by eating less.

3. Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Physical activity is also linked to longer life. By moving your body, walking around, and exercising in one way or the other, you keep your muscles healthy and your organs working optimally. It is important to note, that these exercises should not be exceedingly strenuous, as exceedingly strenuous exercises can adversely affect the body’s system, instead of just keeping it fit.

4. Avoid Substance Excesses

Substance abuse has been known to abruptly end lives. Many well-known entertainers, and even lesser known drug addicts were all fatally victimized by drug overdose. And even when they don’t kill directly, certain substances can still cause great harm to the body when abused. Excessive eating can cause obesity, excessive smoking usually causes lung problems, excessive drinking destroys the liver and excessive consumption of psycho-active substances can cause irreparable brain damage.

5. Love Your Life

Some people are hard to kill, while others are easy kills. Some people can survive severe illnesses or physical harm, caused by an accident for example, while others will just give up upon seeing their own blood. The difference between these two groups of people is the will to live. The will to live is both emotional and psychological. It is the desire to fight on for survival, to fight on for dear life. People who are depressed don’t have this will-power, but those who are happy, and those who love live and love themselves usually have strong wills to live. Loving your life, simply involves appreciating yourself, your environment, your personality, your body and your social connections.


These proven methods of prolonging life are the major ones and should point anybody with an interest in a longer life, in the right direction. While each of the methods will be beneficial on their own, the last one is a bit different from the rest. Loving your life is very important, because if you don’t love your life, then you cannot be happy, and a long life is only worthwhile if it’s a happy one. So, the first thing you should do right now, is take some time, maybe a few minutes or longer, and appreciate your present life.