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Preserving Love in Style: Ricordami’s Craftsmanship Shaking Up the Industry

A gift of flowers is proven to foster genuine happiness at first sight. What’s more, the flowers continue to promote well-being and emotional connection as long as they bloom. Ricordami Italia, the newest provider of luxury preserved florals, enables such gifts to evoke genuine smiles of happiness and love for a lifetime. 


The craftsmanship that inspired a company like Ricordami Italia

As a young boy, Aristofane Banaye helped in his father’s tannery. When he grew older, he managed his mother’s flower shop. He spent decades learning from his parents and developing an artistic heritage in both leatherwork and floristry. 

After his mother’s influence, Banaye never doubted the potential in a gift of flowers. Whether people wanted to say, “thank you,” “congratulations,” “happy birthday,” “you’re in my thoughts,” or “I love you,” he believed roses expressed emotion like nothing else. His only regret was the highly temporal nature of the present. 

Finally, Banaye discovered a means to honor both aspects of his parent’s legacy with long-lasting floral art. As an artistic designer of luxury preserved flower arrangements, he launched Ricordami to brighten hearts and homes in an enduring way. Today, he oversees the company’s creations and ensures that each piece meets his brand’s unwavering standards. 

“Our brand, Ricordami, translates to ‘remember me’ in Italian,” Banaye explains. “The name is particularly poignant because the pieces we create are stunning reminders of lasting love. We are in the business of grand gestures that turn fleeting moments into treasured lifelong keepsakes.”

In short, a Ricordami arrangement is far more than preserved natural flowers. It is the culmination of love, craftsmanship, and artistry.

Ricordami captures lasting beauty in every flower

The flowers in a Ricordami arrangement are handpicked at the peak of their bloom. “We send buyers directly to farms in Ecuador or Colombia to inspect fields of roses one by one,” Banaye explains. “They select only the freshest and most colorful. As soon as these flowers are cut, we begin our proprietary preservation process that captures every essence of the height of their beauty.” 

Ricordami pieces delight the senses by retaining brilliant color, supple texture, and delightful fragrance. They look strikingly realistic because they are composed of entirely real flowers. 

“If people have never touched one of our arrangements, most expect the flowers to feel brittle, like dried roses,” remarks Banaye. “The truth is that these preserved flowers feel every bit as soft and silky as roses growing in the field. Our florals are responsibly sourced from among the most gorgeous native rose blooms in the world, and our proprietary preservation process enables us to make that beauty timeless. The preserving solutions and colorants we use to capture the natural appearance, feel, and aroma of each flower are entirely safe, non-toxic, and non-allergenic.”

How Ricordami arranges a gift of flowers to last a lifetime

A handful of other companies also preserve natural floral arrangements. While these companies can also deliver blossoms that keep form and freshness, their artistry tends to stop there. Pieces that lack higher craftsmanship look realistic, but generic. 

Realizing that recipients of Ricordami pieces will enjoy their arrangements as expressions of love for years to come, Banaye employs only the highest quality of craftsmanship. “Once individual blossoms are preserved, an artist sets and encases the roses in hand-stitched genuine leather or vegan leather arrangements,” he says. “We source all our leather and suede directly from tanneries in Italy. We want each and every piece we create to exude the tradition and charm of inspired old-world romance.”

Ricordami’s craftsmanship equates to lifelong guarantees

Apart from unparalleled artistry, arrangements from Ricordami offer another unique element. Competitors in the industry advertise that their flowers last one year, or three, or five. However, only Ricordami backs arrangements with a lifetime warranty.

Ricordami Italia’s preservation process ensures that roses look vibrant forever. If placed away from direct sunlight and high moisture, Banaye’s flowers go on looking as lovely as the day they were picked. They will continue to bring happiness and beauty for ages. 

“Every time we make a gift of roses, their beauty says exactly what we need it to say,” Banaye concludes. “We honor their natural elegance with the highest quality of craftsmanship, materials, and attention to detail. Our mission is to create timeless gifts embodying the love that inspired them.”