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How to Prepare for Bariatric Surgery? Tips for Women

Although medical therapies, exercise,and ahealthy diet are the first line treatment for weight loss, they don’t usually result in long-term weight loss.

This leads themajority of peopleto choose the shortcut, which is a long-term and newly adopted treatment for the weight, Obesity surgery.

What is Bariatric surgery  

Bariatric or weight loss surgery is one of the most successful treatments for obesity.

It not only promotes weight loss but also impacts anyobesity-related commodities.

The typical cost of Obesity surgery is between $15,000 to $27,000 in the US.

Today we will talk about bariatric surgery and women!

How a women need to prepare themselves before they undergo this surgery and come out as a slimmer and fitter version of themselves.

So, here are a few tips for women on how to be prepared with for the surgery:
Preparation for the surgery

Being operated by someone you never know will surely make you bundle of nerves.

It is normal to be nervous but as a patient, you have to know every aspect of the surgery.

And yes, you should also take everything into consideration that will make it a positive contribution to the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative processes.

Mental Preparation

A mentally prepared patient is what a surgeon always seeks.

Because well begun is half done.

The mental preparation for a surgery is amust for a patient because when the patient knows all the brightest and darkest sides of the surgery, only then she will be ready to carry out all the implications of the procedure with peace.

For a patient to be mentally fit, family and friends support is a must and also a determined mindset to follow up all the medications and a stronger mental ability to adopt the changes occurring before and after the surgery.

Consulting a psychologist would help to make you mentally fit for the surgery.

Physical Preparation

For a patient, it is always important to be physically prepared for the surgery.

Though the physical preparation is hard to achieve since you made up your mind you have to jump on the bandwagon.

You are supposed to perform the daily exercises, a month before the bariatric surgery in order to lose some weight naturally.

But make sure the exercises are not strenuous, instead choose the lightest and moderate exercise session with at least 30 minutes of duration.

Try having a normal walk around your workspace when at work andavoid sitting for long durations.

All these small steps will bring only a minute change but will make your life more active.

The physical change is much required before the surgery to lessen the respiratory complications during and after the surgery.

Follow your Surgeon

When you are choosing to put your life in someone’s hand, it is likely that you should have a good idea of his/her virtues and abilities as a surgeon.

And also, whether he/she will provide you adequate support through your new stage of life.

It is important to keep frequent contact with your surgeon.

And, the relationship between you two must be direct and full of trust in order to reduce your stress and anxiety during the whole process.

To minimize the complications, you have to be cooperative with your surgeon and make him/her aware of all your health-related details.

Submission of your medical records is also suggested.

Do’s before the surgery
  • Have a healthy diet containing alot of protein, fiber, vitamins,and
  • Stop any other medications you take (like for example, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.,)
  • Research everything possible about the surgery.
  • Pack only the important stuff you require during the stay at thehospital.
  • Ask any of your family member or friend to stay with you at thehospital for mental support.
Don’ts before the surgery
  • Say no to alcohol and smoking.
  • Oily food and Junk food must be strictly avoided before and after the surgery.
  • Avoid soft drinks and drinks containing caffeine.
  • Avoid stress, as it can cause consequences.
  • On the day before the surgery, avoid consuming anything after midnight as your stomach must be empty for the surgery in order to lessen the complications.
Period’s Panic

Do not panic if your periods are occurring a day before or even on the day of the surgery, as there will complete cooperation by the nurses to help you out with this crampy situation, and everything will be taken care off.

Alternately, you can also take pills to either delay the periods for a week or miss them out for that month.

Bottom line

If all the tips mentioned above are followed by properly, your preparation is as right as rain.

And let’s hope for a new and healthy start of your life with slimmer you.

Fingers crossed!