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Pregnant Opossum That Everyone Thought is Dead, Hugged The Person That Saved Her Life

Judy Obregon was driving when she saw an opossum laying on the road. The opossum looked dead. All of a sudden, the small animal lifted her head for help when saw Judy stopping her car. Judy parked her car and ran towards the opossum. The poor animal was not only hurt, but was also pregnant.


“I knew I could not walk away,” says Judy.

Judy put the small opossum in a box and took it to her mother-in-law’s house. Once she got there, she called Tabatha who is a wildlife rehabilitator.


“She has not tried to bite me once. She knows I am here to help, not to hurt her. I think she has a very good chance,” said Tabitha.


“This was not one of my typical rescues because I rescue dogs and cats,. This is out of the ordinary for me, but I wouldn’t have avoided her for that reason. She is still an animal with a beating heart, and it was still beating when I got to her,’ explains Judy, who’s the founder of animal rescue in Fort Worth, Texas.


The opossum is well now and has recovered. She even got a new name- Angel. Once Angel is healthy, she’ll be released in a property where hunting is not allowed.

Watch the rescue: