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The Power of Orange Juice

Orange juice is made from unfermented fresh oranges and is one of the healthiest morning beverages ever. One glass of orange juice has lots of vitamins and minerals and is fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free. This is something you must include in your everyday diet, since it has so many health benefits.


Rich in Vitamin C

We must consume vitamin C through our food and drinks since it can be synthesized by our body. Two glasses of orange juice a day can increase the Vitamin C concentration in your body by 50%. Vitamin C protects our bodies from early aging, and also improves the absorption of calcium.

Balances Your Blood Pressure

One glass of orange juice a day will improve your diastolic blood pressure. Orange juice contains hesperidin that improves the activity of the small blood vessels. It will help put your blood pressure on balance.

Lowers Your Bad Cholesterol

Orange Juice decreases the levels of LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is the “bad” cholesterol and it causes heart problems and cardiovascular issues.

Prevents Kidney Stones

By drinking one glass of orange juice a day, you will reduce the risk of forming kidney stones. Orange juice contains citrate that prevents the concentration of minerals and chemicals that cause the formation of kidney stones. Orange juice will also decrease the urine acidity.

Improves Your Skin Condition

Orange juice is rich in antioxidants and they’ll make your skin fresh and young looking. It will also hydrate your skin and keep it firm. Orange juice also prevents aging effects and cleans out and tightens clogged pores.

Helps You Lose Weight

Orange juice is full of antioxidants that are efficient when it comes to losing weight. Since orange juice is fat free, sodium free and cholesterol free, it will definitely help you lose weight. Regular consumption of orange juice is excellent for cutting down a few, extra pounds.

You may also add orange juice in your favorite smoothie for a healthy breakfast: Creamy orange Push-Up Smoothie